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  2. Exercise and Depression?
  3. Depression
  4. Surviving Male Menopause Intact
  5. Philosophy and Golf Balls
  6. some days yes... other days no
  7. Personal trainer? His mind, my body."
  8. Fitslimtrim.com - A site bridging to health & fitness.
  9. a girl's story.
  10. They bloom gradually out of reach
  11. Read the first chapter of Lance Armstrong's upcoming new book
  12. Meditate on This
  13. staying focust on goal's
  14. Has the tempest subsided?
  15. One of my favorite articles...
  16. Hey JP
  17. We, the miraculous?
  18. GuyYoga signing in
  19. GuyYoga signing in
  20. Quite Inspiring
  21. Inpatient Mental Health Care Center
  22. Do you?
  23. Minds, bodies-or stories?
  24. Intention and the Mind/Body Connection
  25. Zen alarm clock
  26. Focus on weaknesses to get stronger
  27. how long to meditate?
  28. how long to meditate?
  29. The widening of America
  30. Faith and Fear
  31. Faith Quote
  32. Weight Training on Yoga Day?
  33. Boy, it sure is quiet in here.
  34. I saw in MH...
  35. Thanks, JP!
  36. Postexercise hypotension and hemodynamics: the role of exercise intensity.
  37. Beware of anti-aging hype
  38. Avian influenza in Viet Nam
  39. Long-Distance Cyclists Face Impotence Risk
  40. New study reports the Amish have one of the lowest obesity rates in the world.
  41. Tanning
  43. New Compounds Fight Malaria, Prostate Cancer
  44. Keep me from getting sick, please.
  45. Blood Donations
  46. Health effects of 9/11?
  47. British Docs Suggest Tax Breaks for People Who Exercise
  48. Testosterone is Good..
  49. Martial Arts
  50. Hypothyroidism
  51. Ziozpher--for earthshaking s-x
  52. Anger and Stroke Risk
  53. Treadmill Test Predicts Heart Risk in Men
  54. Overweight Kids Have Lower Self-Esteem
  55. 'Kiss of death' for proteins earns chemistry Nobel
  56. Getting dizzy at work
  57. Getting flu shots?
  58. Sumo wrestlers
  59. Desktop Dalai Lama
  60. Too many heart patients are on a conveyor belt to the OR
  61. arched back - good or bad?
  62. Heart-Healthy Diet Prevents Gallstones
  63. Can incline walking on a treadmill provide a good wkt. for your heart?
  64. 1.7 million vets lack health coverage
  65. Robert Kennedy Jr--asthma et al.
  66. so here's the deal
  67. Caverta, Meltabs, Edegra, Apcalis, Kamagra, Silagra, Forzest Tadalis Generic Viagra B
  68. USA's Health Report
  69. Q- plant sterols
  70. Diabetes
  71. FDA approves artificial spinal disc!
  72. Healthiest States
  73. Stupidity - and Legal Liability - Out of Control
  74. Lance Armstrong Foundation Survivorship Fellows Program
  75. Observations from my visit to London
  76. Blood Pressure and Exercise
  78. NEW BOOK! Never Too Old!!
  79. Supportive dads help children achieve despite poverty, study finds
  80. just quit smoking please help me not gain weight.
  81. I feel great after I drink
  82. Dr. Phil Weight Loss Challenge
  83. Staying Sharp - Current Advances in Brain Research (AARP)
  85. No sex please, we're moral
  86. Teeth Whitening
  87. Come to America - Get Fat
  88. OMG A New Thread In Here: Music, Mind, and Training
  89. It's Cold Season, Are You Going To Catch It?
  90. Motivation
  91. Hehe
  92. Low Testesterone Levels?
  93. Heart Disease: Another Culprit to Watch
  94. Four Rules for Living a Long Healthy Life
  95. Nebraska Man Sheds More Than 450 Pounds
  96. I'll drink to this!
  97. Power of The Funk
  98. So my goal irritate you?
  99. Are there memory-enhancement products that work?
  100. Do This When You're Young, Live to 90
  101. On Organic Foods and Agribusiness
  102. What You Drink Affects How You Look
  103. Legislation for all women
  104. Erectile dysfunction drug can treat hypertrophy
  105. Company targets Smoking and Fat
  106. cancer for guys
  107. Brush Your Teeth, Help Your Heart
  108. Have ADD or a kid with ADD?
  109. Stress - Weight Gainer or Loser?
  110. Doctor Visit hypertension
  111. Life expectancy quiz
  112. Love Beats Depression for Women, Not Men
  113. Exercise and Life Expectancy
  114. Why It's OK to Be Unfit & Fat
  115. Mind over matter. I'm not getting sick!
  116. 7 Steps to Creating a Designer Brain - Q says Check it Out!
  117. How to Program Your Subconscious Mind
  118. Black eye for research and the advancement of science
  119. Music and Sleep
  120. New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data
  121. Suppose you were God's gift to women - working out for health
  122. Belly fat and how to beat it... Christian Finn
  123. It's Not In The Genes - It's In The Mind
  124. Testosterone Behind Men's Higher Aneurysm Risk
  125. "A day depressed is a day wasted."ť - From Mike Mahler's Newsletter
  126. Bill calls for more exercise at middle school
  127. How our thoughts and emotions affect our health
  128. Exercise Science Career Day
  129. 180 down to 170
  130. Raised cholesterol may not always be a problem
  131. Exercise Slows Prostate Cancer
  132. America's Growing Waistline - Quantified
  133. Bush: "FU*k Heart Disease!"
  135. Er, hmm...not tonight
  136. Panic & Phobias--Autoimmune?
  137. Question about a Bender
  138. "Medical Marijuana" Outlawed by Supreme Court
  139. School Policy in New Jersey to Take Junk Off Lunch Tray
  140. Major Initiative Attacks Obesity Through Recreation
  141. Polyuria
  142. "Consumer Freedom"?
  143. Good fats, bad fats?
  144. Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting (RADAR)
  145. Orgasms Cause Brain Shutdown for Women
  146. Effects of physical training on proprioception in older women.
  147. Cocoa Puffs = Healthy Breakfast
  148. Heart Disease and the Atkins Diet
  149. thyroid and weight
  150. The Gardener's Diet
  151. Depression and exercise
  152. Survey With Interesting Results
  153. MSG and Obesity
  154. ART...what is it exactly?
  155. The Contaminated Unborn
  156. Curry Powder (Turmeric) and Cancer
  157. Bodyworlds exhibit
  158. Childhood obesity
  159. She ain't heavy, she's our granny
  160. Stretchmarks?
  161. Obesity Tougher on Men
  162. Just got back from Disneyworld...
  163. Weight Loss Cuts Cancer Gene Risk (BBC News)
  164. Thinking about trying yoga......
  165. Thinking about trying yoga......
  166. Invitation
  167. Epidemic proportions Obesity a hefty problem for Maine's adults, kids
  168. Hot Dog Ingredient Could Be Disease Cure!!
  169. Eye twitching problem
  170. Fitness May Trump High Cholesterol
  171. Fitness and libido?
  172. Growing pains in children
  173. Growing pains in children
  174. Easing transition into singleness
  175. McDonaldÂ's to Add Nutrition Info to Packaging
  176. Widening of our children
  177. What can you do about someone fainting after heavy drinking?
  178. Blood work....what does it mean?
  179. What's in your Turkey?
  180. Depression
  181. Bamboo clothing! (Kaiser?)
  182. Current food and beverage marketing practices put kids' long-term health at risk
  183. false positive for HTLV?
  184. New CPR requirements
  185. Lose fitting skin
  186. Need help with pain management
  187. Any other stories of weight loss?
  188. Any other stories of weight loss?
  189. Giddy when standing up
  190. Giddy when standing up
  191. Chiropractor
  192. Acupuncture
  193. Exercise and gene expression: physiological regulation of the human genome through ph
  194. Pranayam- The ancient Indian cure of diseases
  195. "Healthy Aging"
  196. Dogs detecting cancer
  197. Guys, Don't Spray Those Bugs
  198. Article: Child's height linked to intellectual...
  199. got eczema? read this
  200. CVD and farmed salmon
  201. Anyone done NLP?
  202. Silly question...can I still grow?
  203. CHOCOLATE... do it for your heart!!!
  204. Plantar fasciitis - or heel pain
  205. Core temperature.
  206. The Benefits of High Cholesterol
  207. Hard to the Core
  208. WomenÂ's Heart Problems Found Distinct from MenÂ's
  209. "Creating an Inner Desire"
  210. Ladies, Drink Tea.
  211. Whats your motivator????? tell me tell me tell me
  212. Women Can Gauge What Their Fitness Level Should be at a Given Age .."
  213. Addicted to exercise
  214. association between protein intake and blood pressure
  215. pot and weight lifting...
  216. Motivating factor: stay healthy for your kids.
  218. monkey interaction study
  219. Nutri-Scan anyone?
  220. To what degree can personality be changed?
  221. Bikram Yoga
  222. Omega-3s Slow, Omega-6s Speed Prostate Cancer Growth
  223. Contraception.. girls.. this is a great thing..
  224. Hospitals Make Changes to Care for Obese
  225. Question about anemia
  226. Aspartame as a Carcinogen
  227. Dietary effects for fibromyalgia
  228. Fat? Tired? Yep.
  229. Yoga Mats
  230. Sugary Soda in Schools Out; Junk Food Still In
  231. Article: Obesity Levels in US are Grossly Underestimated
  232. Skipping periods due to calorie defecit
  233. Natural Remedies & The Research & The Media
  234. Omega-3s Boost Brain Networks Critical to Memory Capacity
  235. Are You Metabolically Obese? (Christian Finn)
  236. Calcium and PMS
  237. Club Soda
  238. Omega-3s Yield Heart-Saving Effects Even in Small Amounts
  239. Does anyone here have any good recipes that are low fat/low cal/carb etc"¦
  240. Not usually one for reading about motivation, but...
  241. Fingernails
  242. Cancer update -- Johns Hopkins -- Cancer News from Johns Hopkins
  243. fever blisters _ for Deserve
  244. charley horses
  245. Wish Me Luck
  246. Yeast infection
  247. Q, what type of workout do you think is best for...
  248. Healthy Tips! Free Online Insurance Quote, Insurancepaylite
  249. Tonsils and fingers
  250. Athletes foot.