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  1. The Importance of Vitamin D Testing

    It seems new studies on the importance of vitamin D are being published on a regular basis. Jim LaValle talks about the importance of being tested for your vitamin D levels and becoming part of the largest vitamin D research project in the world. More info at: GrassrootsHealth | Vitamin D Action - GrassrootsHealth | Vitamin D Action and links to Jim's books and work at: Jim LaValle R.Ph., MS., CCN
  2. Get Fat Smart with tips from the Fat Man...Dr. Jonny Bowden

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  3. Are Your Workout Supplements Killing You?

    Wow...that's all I can I got an email this morning from a company asking us to review their workout supplements in Total Health Magazine. I get a ton of requests for product reviews and placement and do not have the time to review all of them. I took the time to look at the ingredients in just one of their products. As I read the ingredient list I realized that most of the supplements people use for their workouts are not purchased based on the ingredients as much as it is on packaging ...