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  1. This Lubricant Can Literally Save the Planet...and you money at the same time...

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    Every once in a while a new technology comes along that falls into the "Must Have" category. This time around it's something as simple as a lubricant. Now when I say lubricant you think...WD-40? 3-in-1 Oil? Personal lubricant? It's really funny when I am handing out samples of the new bio-synthetic lubricant from Real Technologies LLC. I look for a reaction when I say this is a great new lubricant that is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and has virtually ...
  2. Three simple things you can do today to improve your health tomorrow

    Waiting for the perfect plan and the perfect time? Don’t let perfect be the enemy of progress (and your good health).

    1. Think Move vs Exercise

    First, forget about the word ‘exercise’ for right now.

    Even most people who are already working out three or four times per week are still sitting on their butts for most of the day (table, car, desk, car, counter, car, table, couch) then off to bed. These people don’t need more exercise, they need more movement. ...
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