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Thread: No PWO shake today :-(

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    No PWO shake today :-(

    I do'nt have the time for my PWO shake anymore, If I increase the protein intake for tomorrow , would that make up for today?

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    No PWO shake today :-(

    Why don't you have time for a pwo shake?

    Just take it to the gym with you.

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    No PWO shake today :-(

    I don't think there's any way to "make up" for a day.

    But you know what? Get some protein as soon as you can, whenever that happens to be. If you end up being short for today, just start over as usual tomorrow. One day hardly means a thing in the long run. Stressing out over it probably does more physical harm than missing the protein.

    It's all good!

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    No PWO shake today :-(

    I measure the powders into small plastic containers a week's worth at time. That way, I just grab the ones that I need for the day, along with an empty shaker bottle. I mix tap water and the powders at the gym.

    Explain what you mean by not having the time. Time for shopping for the ingredients, time to measure it out everyday, etc.

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    No PWO shake today :-(

    oh thats a good way to do it. i make mine the night before and leave them in the fridge until the morning when i need them. i make most of my meals the night before actually, or in the morning between breakfast and my workout because i have nothing better to do.


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