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    nutrition books

    hey hoews it going,

    im now very knowledge on weight training but when it comes to diet theres so much to choose from , im looking to build lean muscle while staying healthy with real world results , not sure if i would compete , but as far as books go which one would you recomend , i read new rules of lifting but the nutrition section seemed like it needed more , i am also in the process of reading alwyn cosgroves program design manuel , but there is no nurtion advice. as far as book go this one really causght my eye

    i read get buff by ian king but really no nurtion advice , i also read macrobolic nutrition by genard dente but it seemed like he was just trying to permote his company mhp. i want to be fit and live long and healthy. here are some pictures of the body type im looking for. i know these guys dieted down for the photo shoot but what they look like normally would be nice.

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    nutrition books

    check out:

    if you don't buy the books, at least read through some of the articles.... good stuff.

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    nutrition books

    I also really like Lyle McDonald's stuff. I know he and Berardi kind of butt heads from time to time (mainly with the P+C, P+F stuff) but all in all, the basically suggest the same things and I like Lyle's no bullshit approach to things.

    his site is

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    nutrition books

    Also look for the second edition of Gourmet Nutrition, Johnka talked about it a little on this weeks FitCast.


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