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Thread: Just a thought about the 10 post rule.....

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    Just a thought about the 10 post rule.....

    I see this place has lost it's life. Here is one suggestion....

    When I reregistered I was not able to start a thread in the log section until I had 10 posts. It took me a while before I remembered that rule, Had I not remembered, I probably would have just given up and, eventually, left. I am sure it is very discouraging to new members when they realize that they cannot start a thread or log. And, I am also sure many do not know why. As I said, had I not remembered, I would have left without posting.

    Unless there is a very good reason to keep the 10 post rule, maybe suspending it should be taken under consideration.

    As a side note.....I'm posting this and I'm not even sure if there is any administration/moderation to read!

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    Still around and still reading, though I'm not admin or mod. Who were you in your previous registration?

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    Daisy. And, hey, Tom. :-)

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    I agree. The rule is foolish and has no purpose except to discourage discussion.

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    This is an old thread but hey, I need to make some more posts so I can start a thread one day! I agree

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