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    I am new to this program and my biggest obstacle right now is recovering from the soreness! It takes me 3-4 days to get back to normal. Is this common? Does anyone have suggestions?

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    It will get better. Do some stretching after and foam rolling. You can work thru it, too....that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by "missjane":1osudc4d
    It will get better. Do some stretching after and foam rolling. You can work thru it, too....that helps.
    I agree with Missjane, foam rolling & streching really helps me a lot and popping ibuprofen!

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    Welcome! I am relatively new to the New Rules of Lifting for Women programme too (in stage two at the moment) and when I started I was so sore I woke myself up turning over in bed!! It gets easier quickly - I found if I took too much time off to recover it hurt almost as much the next time so if the pain wasn't unbearable I would work through it - if it was really bad I would do some walking and stretching...nothing too hectic. Getting blood to your sore muscles really helps ease the pain and means you recover faster!

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    Welcome to the program. I'm newer to the forums but not to the program. The foam rollers are often highly recommended, but I have another one which may seem strange but I feel has advantages over the big foam rollers...rolling pin. I go home and get rolled, literally. The rolling pin is smaller and more maneuverable than using the foam roller in my opinion. A partner makes it easier to do the backs of the legs, but you can do it solo if you need to.

    Take heart, as others have will get easier to recover from the soreness.

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    You haven't me the rumble roller yet.

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    A rolling pin! Now why didnt I think of that? I think my right hamstring (old injury) will be thanking me from now on.

    Jane, I stumbled across the thread with all the raves on that rumble roller...someday when Im rich... That thing must feel wonderful!

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    I don't think I'd use 'wonderful' to describe it! It's the worst/best pain you'll ever feel! That thing has saved me!


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