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Thread: LD's Replacement Motivator - Resolve to succeed at your resolution

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    LD's Replacement Motivator - Resolve to succeed at your resolution

    John is on vacation right now, so you'll have to wait a week for his wisdom. In the meantime, I thought I'd write something. I had a whole week to do it, too. So, when did I write this? Last night at 11. While watching a cheesy movie made in the 80s. Rob Lowe and Demi Moore really sucked. They didn't seem this bad back then...

    So, this weekend is New Year's, and it's time to make that resolution, just like last year. But, before you make it, I'm going to ask you to think about a few things, because making a resolution is supposed to really mean something. ...and it's good to succeed.

    There's very little less motivating than failing in your own resolution. Look at those people who flood the gym every January 2nd, yet fail to go to the gym after February 2nd. They are no longer motivated, so they don't show up. They just feel guilty now. Guilt sucks, and so does failure, so let's not fail in this year's resolution.

    What's your resolution? Since this is a fitness forum, I'll assume you might resolve to get fit(ter), but feel free to make better financial choices or pick up your dirty socks faster. I just have no comments on those. Booooorinnnnng. You want to be fit or fitter than you are now? Go ahead and resolve to do something about it, but before you fine tune your resolution statement, consider a few things.

    How bad do you want it?
    Is that what you really want?
    Do you want it more than what you'll have to give up?
    Why do you want it?
    How will you do it?
    How will you measure it?
    How will you know you've succeeded?
    Will you be satisfied if you achieve it?

    Those aren't in any particular order, mostly because I just had a nightcap. But we're not talking about my resolutions, are we?

    Let's look at the 3rd from the top for a second - "Do you want it more than what you'll have to give up?"

    You might want to be thin, but do want to be thin bad enough to pass up that cookie?
    You might want to be bigger, but making your food ahead of time is so annoying.
    You might be avoiding dairy, but a burger's not a burger without cheese on it.
    You might want to be more mobile, but you can always stretch tomorrow.
    You might want to be stronger, but can you resist training too hard on your deload week?

    In short, which is a rarity for me, make sure you really want it, more than you want what you're giving up. Make sure it's achievable, and do it. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but if you don't want it bad enough, it's not going to happen. So, instead of just throwing out a resolution this year, ask yourself the questions above, and use your answers to fine tune your resolution statement. Then, in 2011, succeed.

    That's it. John will be back next week with something more satisfying...

    Happy New Year!



    A New Year's Motivator from the past.:

    Leigh Peele's Podcast: EPISODE 36 5 TIPS FOR ACTUALLY REACHING YOUR RESOLUTION (It's on topic, and worth the listen)

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    LD's Replacement Motivator - Resolve to succeed at your resolution

    Pretty good, Roland. I am impressed. Thanks for posting in my absence. With travel and internet connection chancy, I didn't plan one for today.

    Happy New Year.

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    LD's Replacement Motivator - Resolve to succeed at your resolution

    Nice work Roland. I hate new years resolutions in theory. Picking out one day where you're going to muster the willpower to do what you should have been doing for...however long. What was wrong with the day before? It's like the biggest "Monday" of the year.

    I'll start my "X" on Monday. Fuck this weekend...I want cake...hookers...crystal meth. Monday though, that's the ticket.


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