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Thread: Bill Pearl & Dave Draper Seminar DVD

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    Bill Pearl & Dave Draper Seminar DVD

    Who is this guy and what is this product?

    Bill Pearl & Dave Draper Seminar DVD

    Where can I get it and how much does it cost?



    This is a recording of a live seminar that took place in Mr. Draper's gym back in 2005 and an accompanying 32 page booklet that includes a substantial interview\conversation between the two. As such there isn't a lot to review so to speak of. What's promised is a seminar and a booklet, you get them both so that's that! What follows are some general thoughts that I had reading\viewing to give you a better idea of that this includes and if it is for you.

    Product Generalities:

    I watched this both on a 42" LCD TV and computer w/ 22" Monitor. DVD picture is adequate but not particularly sharp as it could be. Audio is in the same boat. You can clearly tell that the microphone is separate than the recording device with that telltale muffled echo. The seminar is a 75min question and answer session, by in large you cannot hear the audiences questions however the speakers do a good job of repeating the questions so you're rarely lost. The camera editing does some funky things at times, panning out to various scenes either live or stills, which feels like it's simply trying to "not just have one view of the speakers for over an hour". Overall production value is "fine". It puts me in mind of my wife's Christmas video's. If you fire up a home video from 6 years ago you'll get a good idea what to expect here.

    The booklet is right in line with what you'd expect. It's the size of a DVD insert, 32pages, mostly text, easy to read both in font and writing style.

    Cont': have Bill Pearl and Dave Draper standing up and taking on all the questions the audience can up up with for over an hour. Who are these people and why should you care you say?

    Bill Pearl

    He dabbled in bodybuilding :

    * 1952 Mr. San Diego, 3rd place (San Diego, California)
    * 1952 Mr. Oceanside (Oceanside, California)
    * 1953 Mr. Southern California (Los Angeles, California)
    * 1953 Mr. California (Los Angeles, California)
    * 1953 A.A.U., Mr. America (Indianapolis, Indiana)
    * 1953 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe Amateur (London, England)
    * 1956 Mr. U.S.A., Professional (Los Angeles, California)
    * 1956 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe, Professional, Tall Man's Class (London, England)
    * 1961 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe, Professional (London, England)
    * 1967 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe, Professional (London, England)
    * 1971 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe, Professional (London, England)
    * 1974 W.B.B.A., World's Best-Built Man of the Century (New York, New York)
    * 1978 Entered into W.B.B.A., Hall of Fame (New York, New York)
    * 1978 Elected the I.F.B.B. National Chairman of the Professional Physique Judges Committee (Acapulco, Mexico)
    * 1988 Entered into Pioneers of Fitness Hall of Fame
    * 1992 Entered into Gold's Gym Hall of Fame
    * 1994 Guest of Honor of the Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen 12th Annual Reunion
    * 1994 Entered into The Joe Weider Hall of Fame
    * 1995 A.A.U. Lifetime Achievement Award
    * 1995 Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Hall of Fame
    * 1996 American Powerlifters Federation Hall of Fame
    * 1997 International Chiropractors Association Sports & Fitness Man of the Year
    * 1999 I.F.B.B. Hall of Fame Inductee[5]
    * 2000 Spirit of Muscle Beach Award
    * 2001 World Gym Lifetime Achievement Award
    * 2001 Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists Lifetime Achievement Award
    * 2002 Canadian Fitness Award for 60+ Years of Inspiration to the Industry
    * 2002 National Fitness Trade Journal Lifetime Achievement Award
    * 2003 Iron Man magazine Peary & Mabel Radar Lifetime Achievement Award
    * 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award
    * 2006 PDI Night of Champions Lifetime Achievement Award

    Dave Draper

    Also dabbled bit:
    * 1962 Mr. New Jersey
    * 1965 IFBB Mr. America Tall Class & Overall, 1st
    * 1966 IFBB Mr. Universe Tall Class & Overall, 1st
    * 1967 Mr. Olympia 4th
    * 1970 AAU Mr. World 3rd
    * 1970 IFBB Mr. World Tall & Overall, 1st
    * 1970 NABBA Mr. Universe Tall, 3rd

    These were two of "the" guys, before that foreign fella came over and made being huge cool and largely this is the message that you're given from their talks. Most of us think of fitness and or even just "looking good" as part of society. You're supposed to take care of yourself and be healthy. Every young man has a hero to emulate who probably has never done anything to contribute to society, isn't a bad ass in any way, but plays one on TV.

    Rewind back a few years. There was a time when people looked at heroes for their morale character and working hard was expected in order to achieve anything. People looked up to sporting hero and also looked up to their Moms and Dads. That kid Jimmy down the street is strong (once upon a time kids played with kids down the street). He's also a jerk. I'm going to get stronger than Jimmy and that'll learn him good.

    In this seminar Mr. Draper and Mr. Pearl both answer question after question with a nose to the grindstone attitude that typically falling somewhere between "work really, really hard" or "find a way to enjoy working really, really hard". Mr. Draper is a little more political in his responses than Mr. Pearl who reminds me of my dad. I sat there waiting for him to threaten a hippy with a footwear to anus implant while Mr. Draper seemed to lean towards "how can I answer this without making this guy sound like a moron?" approach. Both speaking methods seemed to work equally well with the speakers responding to a multitude of questions covering a variety of subjects. Oddly enough the response often revolved around a consistent striving to be better than are today. This is especially refreshing considering that here you have two of the arguably best bodybuilders ever saying that the secret is hard work and the magazines that say otherwise are full of excrement.

    The booklet is an excellent companion to the DVD. It largely covers the same information that the DVD does but does so with a concise and well thought out approach. Often times I have a hard time retaining application level information when I'm watching\hearing it. I'm more likely actually apply knowledge when I'm literally staring at it on a page. The information is largely background philosophy and applicable to most.

    This DVD\Booklet is two bodybuilding legends sitting down, giving people the opportunity to ask them anything that want as long as they're willing to receive honest answers. If you're getting starting out in bodybuilding or curious at all about the history of the sport or training methods of the golden age of bodybuilding then this is for you.

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    Bill Pearl & Dave Draper Seminar DVD

    Thanks Tony!

    Sounds like it would've been great to be in the room with those two guys, but watching them on video might be a bit less stimulating.

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    Bill Pearl & Dave Draper Seminar DVD

    I concur entirely with this review. :~)


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