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Thread: Review: the Nike Fuelband

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    Review: the Nike Fuelband

    Fitbit Flex (bracelet) does not seem to do stairs like the traditional Fitbits do (neither does the Zip). Not sure if that's a feature you'd list as "have to have" or not.

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    Review: the Nike Fuelband

    Since I just lost my original Fitbit yesterday, I'll be holding off for the bracelet now. I won't miss the stairs feature as my Fitbit didn't have that anyway. That was a feature introduced in a later model and I have the orginal.

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    Review: the Nike Fuelband

    Quote Originally Posted by "janell":28ng7z3k
    So, as a WW member, I did purchase the Active Link, and signed up for and am paying $5.95/month for their website service. I've looked into Fitbit and am interested in the new flex band they are introducing this spring.

    That being said, my son with all the medical and coaching education, gave me a demo of his Nike Fuel band last night.

    For the record, I hate the Weight Watchers Active Link. It only counts things in WW points, and gives you no other info. Don't get me wrong, I would not be where I am if it were not for WW and the lifting programs here!

    But it costs me $5.95/month.

    So, Active Link, toss that thing.

    Fit bit and NIke offer free web service!

    Fit bit is introducing a new wrist worn product!

    Son, human biology degree, Rad Tech degree, coaching degree, teaching degree, works out, watches his diet, loves his Nike Fuel Band.

    I had it show it to me last night, actually a pretty cool device.

    I have also checked out Jawbone and several other devices along with the way expensive heart rate monitors.

    I have a budget, the most at this time that I am willing to/can afford to spend is $150. So I want to get the best bang for my buck. And I do not want to mess with all the HRM's and straps and buttons etc.

    I do realize, that, not all of these over the counter devices are super accurate, I just want to get the best bang for my buck!
    I've hit 1,000,000 fuel points (Nike's measurement) on my fuelband. The only downside as far as updating your info on the webs goes is sometimes it is a bit fussy when I attach the USB or update through my iPad. It eventually works out but sometimes it will give me an error message the first or second time I try to update my activity via USB. With the iPad when I update there are occasions where the thing will not update and then the Fuelband goes dark. What that means is it will not illuminate and show me fuelpoints or steps or calories burned. It could have been because I needed to charge the thing because after I attach the USB it works just fine.

    In short, it's a Nike product so it will have some bugs. The Fuelband is actually one of their better tech products and up to this point I haven't run into any major problems that would force me to stop using the bracelet.

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    Review: the Nike Fuelband

    After much research, and keeping in mind, what I want from a fitness device, I have decided, for now, I'm going to go with the new fitbit flex.

    By the time I get it, I will have at least 6 -7 months to decide how much I like it.

    After that, if I'm not happy, I will have had enough time to save up and hopefully the Nike product will have had time to work out all the bugs.

    The jaw product, at this time does not interest me.

    The WW Active Link, while a useful tool, only counts things in WW activity points, and I have finally figured it out, but, it's so specific to WW, and while I love my WW meetings and support and so on, the AL, well, it's not that great. All you get is WW activity points. No calories burned, or anything.

    On top of that, the AL, gives you a choice of where you wear it. There are 4 choices, and the earned Activity points vary greatly, depending on where you tell the website you are wearing it.

    All in all, while the WW AL, in and of itself, to WW folks is a useful tool, there are other fitness trackers that while might be a bit more pricey, will give you more info that is more reliable. Being a WW fan and successful maintainer on their plan, and totally loving the new 360 plan, the Al is not that great. It only gives you info in WW style.

    While I love WW for a lot of reasons for the food side, I want more detailed info from a fitness tracker, and given that I'm a maintaining lifetime member, I don't think I should have to pay for the website tracking. Come on! Nike Fuelband is free, Fitbit is free, I'm a maintaining testament to the program, it should be free!

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    Review: the Nike Fuelband

    My girlfriend is doing the fitbit for some work challenge. She was showing me all the stuff that is available through the app on her iphone and it is very impressive. I think she said she is getting the one that will track your sleep.

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    Review: the Nike Fuelband

    It appears that the Fitbit Flex is available for purchase

    NVM. It is just not available for pre-order


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    Review: the Nike Fuelband


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    Review: the Nike Fuelband

    Quote Originally Posted by "missjane":ufo94iy6
    I originally thought the Fitbit Flex was ready for order; howver, after my original post I double checked and found I was mistaken. I was unable to delete my original post and just edited it to say never mind, I was incorrect.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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