Who is this Guy, What is the Product?
Thomas Plumber The Business of Training DVD

Thomas Plummer has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. He is the founder of the Thomas Plummer Company, which currently has eight full-time employees and does approximately 22 major seminars per year. Thomas Plummer presents to over 4,000 people a year, including acting as MC for special events such as the national Powerhouse convention, writes numerous articles, and does independent consulting around the country. He has recently been featured on the cover of the IHRSA magazine and Club Insider.

In 1980, Thomas became the Vice President of Operations for ATA Fitness Centers located in San Francisco. This chain had 90 commercial fitness centers and 150 commercial martial arts schools. He was also a club manager and martial arts instructor in San Diego from 1980 to 1998. From 1985 to 1989, he became the Vice President of Marketing for American Service Finance, the largest third-party financial-service provider in the industry. He was the Executive Director of the National Health Club Association from 1989 to 1990.
What does this product claim?
This live lecture featuring fitness business adviser Thomas Plummer took place during Perform Better's Long Beach pre-conference workshop, August 2012.

If you're like most professionals in the gym and training business, you got into this because you love the gym. You love to train, you love to teach and you're sure your passion for helping others will pay off if you stick to it long enough.

Unfortunately, it rarely works that way.

The average personal trainer's career lasts about two years. That's the real truth about this business, and it's one most people don't know. What they don't realize in all the excitement is that the money part takes a different kind of attention, and without that, most trainers end up back at a stable but boring desk job.

Wouldn't you like to hear what the fitness industry's top business advisor has to say about how money works in the training business?
Where can I get it and how much does it cost?

- This review is in reference to the DVD version.

- I reviewed this on a 22" PC monitor. The video quality is very good throughout with no noticeable breakdowns at any point. The presenter is centered in the screen through the entirety and overall production value is very good. The only time that the video was distracting is during one of the extra interviews it seemed to jump back and forth between speakers a little more than it should. Considering this is an "extra" it's not a big deal, simply an observation.

- I listened with headphones. The presenter was clear and distinct the entire portion with little to no distortion. Occasionally there was a noticeable switch in which microphone was being used and the second disk had probably a 20second distortion. This may or may not be present through speakers and even if it does it's a minor infraction over a 2hr presentation.

As stated in the product description this is a recording of a lecture presented at a Perform Better seminar. The host is an excellent presenter. He speaks clearly, briskly, and in a polished manner. At times the editing is evident, which I assume was to remove lengthy pauses or side tangents, but not distracting.

The material is presented in a logical flow where the presenter begins at the beginning, what is the logical progression of a personal trainer? What is step 2? The presenter suggests that ultimately the personal trainer will progress to a gym owner and his goal is to give you a basic proven framework to succeed.

He presents what where the fitness industry has been in the past twenty years and he believes what the future of the fitness industry will be in the future and how you as a perspective business owner can succeed. Some of the topics covered include what the fitness industry actually sell (what is the product?), what is the bottom line, what should pricing strategy be, how much money you need, how to get that money, how do you set up sessions, and what work should YOU do vs having someone else do. Each topic is covered briefly but with enough detail that the seminar attendees should have enough to start researching any individually topic's nuts and bolts on their own time.

Any time the speaker mentioned any specific person or website a little sidebar flashed that had a website and\or name where you could further investigate. Additionally the extras included a complete transcript, audio version of the lecture, some misc interviews, and a complete written listing of all the referenced material.

One of the very first thing that Dan John mentions during his Intervention seminar is the importance of knowing where you are and where you want to be. It sounds a little silly when you hear it the first time but it's absolutely brilliant when you move into application. You NEED to have a point A: and a point B: or you're just dooming yourself to failure.

The fitness industry as a whole is a weird little beast. Being a trainer is weird in and of itself. The barriers to entry are practically non-existent and to be honest there's a lot of people moving into "the rest of their lives" without any real thought as to how this whole thing is going to play out. There's a ton of passion and a ton of good intentions but very little actual thought or planning as to how or what career progression options are available.

This DVD set gives you a point B. You obviously don't need to follow the presented guidelines 100% but at some point you're going to appreciate that you need to eat, your spouse wants to have material possessions, and your kids need shoes\braces. As a personal trainer working session to session for the rest of your life is bad business. You need a direction.

This DVD set is intended for personal trainers seeking the road to financial well being. If you are NOT a trainer, this is not directed at you (unless you have an interest in opening a gym for whatever reason) and you're probably not going to get a ton out of it. If you ARE a trainer or even thinking about becoming one I think this is should be viewed as a worthy investment towards your future in the field and it is probably one that will have the highest return of anything you do.

Notes: Tony Sayers M.S., NASM-PES is an amateur fitness enthusiast. He is not a professional and does not review fitness theory, only products per their description. His reviews are personal opinion and all members are encouraged to seek medical clearance prior to the implantation of any fitness program.