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Thread: How do you want to look?

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    How do you want to look?

    This is an article I wrote and am submitting to a few companies. They want 200-300 words for a sample. Would love feedback.
    How do you want to look?

    The next time you're at the gym/club, take a look around. Is there anybody there that you know or have seen for months and still looks the same? What part of the gym to they workout in? What equipment do they use? Now, find the fittest and strongest looking people in the gym? Where are they and what are they using? The people who don't change are probably using only weight stack machines. The people that look fit and strong, most likely they are using barbells, dumbbells and weight plates.
    This is not to say using machines are bad. They can be great tools for achieving success in working out. However, using free weights needs to be the basis of workouts. By standing up, using heavier weights and having to balance the weights you are using, you are working so much more of your muscle fibers, as well as burning more calories.
    So, you choose, who do you want to be? Do you want to look the same? Is thin but flabby ok? Or do you want to look strong? You don't have to get huge like some of the guys/ladies you see there, but you can find a happy middle. Ladies, think Michelle Obama arms. If you want to look strong, head to the free weights. I promise, you will notice rapid improvements.

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    Wanna know what I want to look like? Hugh Jackman from his last Xmen movie (Days of the Future Past)


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