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Thread: Negotiating medical bills

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    Negotiating medical bills

    high deductible accounts rock, if you're relatively healthy... if shit hits the fan, I've got that emergency buffer, but my weekly payments are SUPER low and I only pay for stuff I actually need.

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    Negotiating medical bills

    Quote Originally Posted by "Phaedrus49er":lfs15mtf
    As I said on another (CE) thread:

    I hear Vancouver is nice this time of the apocalypse

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    Negotiating medical bills

    So I found that my insurance company does offer an HSA. However, based on their own comparison chart, the minimum deductible plan--while roughly half my current one--doesn't cover ANYthing prior to the deductible (monthly premiums notwithstanding), and 90-99% of my doctor visits right now qualify for copay, so unless this injury bug becomes chronic (please don't be a shoulder impingement, please don't be a shoulder impingement), I think it makes sense for me to stay where I am. Of course, I could just be blowing sunshine up my @$$.

    All in all, I'm just glad to have options, however gouging they may be, rather than having forced "universal" health care *cringes at the possible CE implications of that statement*

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