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Thread: Brothers in Iron

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    Brothers in Iron

    This is actually Fitness related but probably should be in OFF TOPIC.

    Anybody still remember the Brothers in Iron forum? That was my first. I'm not sure if JP just happened to start his when BII folded or if it was a response to it folding but that's when I first found it. Think I spent a little time at Men's Health briefly.

    Anyway, Link: Mr. Peabody set the Way Back Machine to about 2001 and I was wondering if there are any BII'ers left. I know Kaiser was one but he's not around here much anymore, I don't believe.

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    Brothers in Iron

    I was an original member of Brothers In Iron. Remember it well. There was much potential, and I was sad to see it go.

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    Brothers in Iron

    I was sad to see BII disassemble as well.

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    Brothers in Iron

    I was there, too. Did I do logo work for it? Man, that was a long time ago.


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