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Thread: Let's do something ...

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    Let's do something ...

    Hey ... I've been a part of this forum for a number of years now and I've quite enjoyed it. It's always been a place to come and chat with friends about a number of different things including fitness, working out and just life in general. There have been so many people that have inspired me to do the best I can fitness wise and the support has been incredible.

    Over the last number of months so many people, including myself have strayed away for one reason or another. It doesn't really matter the reasoning. All that matters is we had a great community here and I think we should all get beyond our issues for leaving and come back together to form that community once again and support this forum.

    I, for one, am going to make an effort to post more often and support those of us that are left. Are you going to join me??

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    Let's do something ...

    I miss it too ... But it's so hard to be consistent.
    "Make an effort to post more often". Well, once a week is more often than zero times a week.
    So, I , for two will make an effort to post more often and support those of us that are left.
    Thanks Jewel. Fingers crossed.

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    Let's do something ...

    I hear you!

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    Let's do something ...

    It seems we've lost the critical mass of content needed to generate more content. That is, people won't post here because they feel there isn't enough of an audience to read what they post. And also there's little content for them to read. Posting in the logs is great (which I will be doing more of) but other parts of the forum need love too.

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    Let's do something ...

    Tom, I totally agree about other parts of the forum needing love too. I hope that if some people come back at least to the training logs and once again feel the comraderie, then they'll start posting elsewhere as well. It'd be really nice to be a part of an active forum again.

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    Let's do something ...

    I was just looking at the "who's online section" and right now there are only 2 users online and 250 odd guests. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks those numbers change for the better.

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    Let's do something ...

    Still reading updates from threads I've subscribed to by email, but was too unmotivated for a looooong time to come in until reading a few comments that made me pop in... saw this thread but waited to comment until just now.
    People quitting JP Fitness is not a unique phenomenon.. sure it doesn't help the format sucked so much (regarding the lack of an option to multi-quote) it irritated the heck out of people. But that is not all of it.. I've seen it on other forums too, e.g. took an interest in visiting a sauna, went to a forum dedicated to it, and saw the amount of posts had declined to just the rare post.
    Facebook has become a kind of black hole sucking up everyone.. am seeing some peepz from JP there but they don't post like they do on this forum.

    Why did I come back? Because sporadically going to the gym (that's what the pattern became like in the past year) and even quitting for 2 full months isn't giving me fitness back either.
    Unfortunately it seems like nobody really knows what they are doing either, including the owners or PT in a gym! So, ultimately one has to be his/her own guru and look up stuff on the interwebz (youtube).. or in my case, sneak over to NMNM's log and learn a few new tricks!

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    Let's do something ...

    Espi I agree that people leave forums all the time including JP. But I really think an unusually high number of long-time regulars left at the same time. I'm hoping that despite some of the format suckage people start coming back because they miss all the good stuff.

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    Let's do something ...

    I miss the activity here too. There used to always be something new in the diet/nutrition sections. I think, like Espi said, a lot of the activity has gone to facebook. I personally don't use facebook for training or diet discussion.


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