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Thread: Unwinding a Wound Up Relationship

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    Unwinding a Wound Up Relationship

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to help a couple work through their current situation. The two of them are exceptionally well-suited for each other and have been married for about 15 years; however, recently it seems that one of them is trying to exert much more control than in the past. Even worse, this person seems to have stopped respecting the other's opinions/ambitions and has become somewhat verbally/emotionally abusive, in my view.

    I would really like to be able to offer up suggestions; but, have no idea where to begin. They have agreed to seek help through counselling; but, need some sort of solution that will help them with the day-to-day NOW. Their communication is pretty much awful and usually ends badly. They have kids; so, they need to have a workable household while they work through their issues.

    Does ANYONE have any ideas or suggestions? Any input whatsoever would be very much appreciated.

    Thank so much.

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    Unwinding a Wound Up Relationship

    I guess my question would be what's changed to cause the new behavior?

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    Unwinding a Wound Up Relationship

    Communication breakdowns usually happen over a lengthy period of time. Even though it seems to have occurred abruptly, it most likely degraded between the two over the years. It's just that the tipping point's become more apparent.

    I think it's best to offer to your support to both parties, and their children, but do no more. I'd let them, and their marriage counselor, work this out amongst themselves. By getting involved, you might inadvertently cause more friction, too.


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