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Thread: Been away too long!

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    Been away too long!

    Hi, folks! Been almost seven yrs. since I have posted! I see only a few familiar names that I remember! I see the site has changed somewhat! Hope everyone has been well! I am getting back into the fitness thing after all these years! I have tried, but lacked motivation! Need a lifestyle change, (particularly, getting on a certain wagon, and staying on it!) Purchased a water rowing machine! It was pricey by my wallet, but that is the motivation part! (And I can't use it to hang clothes).Starting easy, and eventually will add more exercises! I always remember getting good advise here! First off, though! My profile is a little off.Old posts are still there so I know this is me!! Can someone direct me!? I am on a tablet, and hate navigating on it.

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    Glad to have you back. What issues are you having with navigation? The new platform should conform nicely to mobile/tablet users.

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    If you go into Settings>My Settings>General Settings, you can change your default to 'mobile' via selecting 'default mobile style' in the drop down box for Forum Skin.

    When you log back in on a desktop, you will be in mobile mode, but just select the mobile menu button, and then 'full site' from there. It will remember which skin to use on each device after that.

    I'm hoping for a mobile/desktop button on each skin at some point, but until then, this is the way to do it.

    Welcome back!

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    Thanks, guys! fixed everything! Personal info was off!


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