What a year this has been! It was fast too. It was my hardest year, but also my best year. I feel like a combat survivor. It has been especially good for my business. I'm looking forward to 2015 being my most incredible year ever.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday (whatever you celebrate). I hope you were surrounded by family and/or friends and that you got in some down time. I had an absolutely wonderful Xmas celebration with my kids. I stretched out the present-opening by making them all work together on a neighborhood-wide scavenger hunt. I may post some funny video of it later.

So what if anything did you accomplish in 2014? What do you hope to accomplish in 2015?

I started seeing someone pretty seriously a few months ago. I know it seems like a silly resolution, but I would like this one to work. Dating around is fun but there is much to be said about being a happy and stable relationship that has the potential for long-term success. Her name is Rosi, and she's just lovely!

My fitness was pretty decent this year. I'll continue with what I have been doing. My sites are set no lower than looking looking like Hugh Jackman in that last Xmen movie!