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    Asterik Man

    That's a good one. You could power a small city with the electricity generated by Roger Maris spinning in his grave.
    Past performance is not indicative of future success.

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    Asterik Man

    Hank is so close to Barry that he won't publicly say anything, but I wonder what he's thinking about all of this.
    "there was a sex scandal involving two long time members who disappeared after their accounts had to be banned when it was discovered that they were both married to the same person and were also doing each other"

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    Asterik Man

    have you read the latest sports illustrated column about Barry. the man is basically a antisocial and a complete discrace of a human.
    Fool give wife grand piano,wise man give wife upright organ.

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    Asterik Man

    I dont know why he doesnt just admit it. If he came out and said Conseco did it, Mcguier did it, Sosa did it, and no one in baseball cared so I decided to do it too. He could make himself the victem and turn this whole thing around on MLB. I personally think he is being told by MLB if you never admit to it we will never investigate it.


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