I got a job at my local supermarket(safeway/woolworths), which is good as I will get money. But they want me to go to an 8am-5pm "Induction" tomorrow(this saturday) where I will sit there an entire day listening to the company's "policies and procedures"


This means I will miss a Bench Press workout this Saturday, which sucks because I was going to finally get into that 44 fury, and now I have to wait till next week. It also sucks because Tim won't be there on Sunday(when I can make it), but will be there on Saturday, when I can't make it. I will train the Bench Press on Sunday after squats though, squats, bench press, bent over rows, big day on Sunday heh, I'm really not sure what the hell I'm gonna do yet though for those hah.

But it gets worse. I also have to attend "Department Specific Induction" on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, meaning I have to miss a total of THREE sessions this week with the group. I will train earlier in the day on both days, but it still sucks bad.

Oh well, I won't actually miss any training at all, and atleast I get paid for all this bullshit "induction" shit - I think...

It's worth the money for later on anyway hah, but it's kinda gay, all I want to do is focus on my training right now hah, oh well, next weekend it will get serious!

On a side note, I drank some alcohol last night hah, and had fast food yesterday, for what might be the first time since I moved out a few months ago, it sucked bad.