Eek, I kinda disappeared for a bit. Sorry! Not on purpose, life has just been getting in the way of logging This weeks workouts, briefly:

Monday-rest. No good reason. I actually overslept because we put our winter blankets on the bed and it was way too cozy to get up. Pathetic, huh?

Tuesday- 45 min cardio at the gym
Wednesday- Non-NROLW lifting, about 50 min
Thursday- 50 min cardio
Friday- rest. feeling yucky.
Today- feeling better! Workout:

deadlifts 8/50 8/50 8/50
bulgarian split squat 8/20 8/20 8/20
lat pull down 8/62.5 8/62.5 8/62.5
reverse lunge from box 8/24 8/24 8/24
DB prone cuban snatch 8/20 8/20 8/20
step-ups 8/30 8/40 8/40
static lunge 8/20 8/20 8/20
swiss ball crunch 8/25 8/25 8/25
reverse crunch 3x8
lateral flexion 3x8
prone cobra 2x 120sec

20 min elliptical

I'm planning a rest day tomorrow because: (1) I'm not sure I'll be able to walk after all those lunges and (2) if I can walk, we are going Christmas shopping!