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Jewel, that sounds like madness... but happy madness.

glad you had a good day, and hope you had time to enjoy the goodies/party fun as well.
Oh we had a good day and yes, there was time to enjoy. My neices, both in their early 30's helped a lot. They organized the table seatings and made sure the kids had their plates. My nephews (20 & 30 yrs old) put all the side dishes, etc on the table while hubby carved the ham.

Then my neices hubby's cleared the table, my 20 yr old nephew scraped the plates and I put them in the dishwasher. My 30 yr old nephew washed all the glassware and my bro-in-laws dried. My hubby put the dishes away. We had a great assembly line.

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Glad Easter was so fun! But, it does sound exhausting!

We had a very nice and quiet Easter and it turned out really nice for everyone! AND, my sister's dessert was a hit (she was so excited!).
Jane so thrilled that your Easter went well. So, what was the dessert that your sister made???

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You were an awesome host! Glad things went according to plan.. I'm sure everyone loved it!
Thanks Espi!! And yup, there weren't any glitches. I was so surprised considering there were 7 kids, all under 8 years old.

Today's workout 25 minutes intervals on the rowing machine & 30 minutes walk/running on the treadmill. These were, of course, after my stretching session & boy did I need that.