upcoming plans:
after Wednesday, i'll be done with Stage 7/NROL4W! i'm debating whether to take a break on Friday before starting Power Training. it probably makes sense, because i plan to go straight through PT, especially since the 12 weeks of that serendipitously finish the week before a week of holiday break/no gym access. (love when things work out so well!) so perhaps Friday off is a good idea. i HATE taking breaks though.

in any event, next week i'm starting Coach Dos' Power Training, and i'm really excited about it. i'm doing the 12 week Total Fitness program in a four day push/pull split, on M/T/Th/Fri. i've never had a four day lifting week, so it will be interesting to see how my body responds to the increased frequency/volume.

here are the planned workouts:

A1 Push
one-arm db snatch
front squat
db incline bench
push press
cable rotation
three point plank

B1 Pull
clean pull
good mornings
standing cable row to neck
single arm lat pulldown
cable rotating crunch
plank walkup

A2 Push

hang jump shrug
reverse lunge
bench press
db alternating press
dynamic plank

B2 Pull
squat jump
single leg RDL
one-arm standing cable row
windshield wiper
core row

i tried to have a good mix of exercises i was familiar with and ones that are completely new to challenge both body and mind. hopefully i've also got all my planes of motion covered, and some of my own physical weaknesses.

if you stop by and see this, feel free to critique, too! this is my first time doing my own real programming, and i can't help but worry that i'm overworking one body part, etc, etc.