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Now now now, you don't KNOW that. You *think* that, but it's not true!
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Pick up the 135. I think you'll surprise yourself.
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Try it! You know you want too! Just think of how pleased you'll be when you not only rock it, but rock the rest of the workout too. . Peer pressure!
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Hey CP, I *know* you'll be surprised when you do 135 lbs. I certainly was. We're usually stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I think you can do it. And then go on with the rest of your workout. I bet ya!
ok, ok, i will succumb to peer pressure. next week if i'm feeling good on deadlift day, i'll see what i can do. you know, the same sort of thing happened for me with pullups/chinups (not recently, but back when i was a lot thinner) - i decided to "just try one" to see if i could, and promptly did a set of 10! (and then did a crazy victory lap around the gym hooting and hollering - well, at least mentally :tongue )

it's not a mental block exactly... we (and i probably especially mean women here) underestimate our strength.