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    Petya R

    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Hello everyone
    I am just stopping by to say that I haven't given up! I still have some problems with eating sweets in the evenings, but I will do my best to control it!

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    I will try to send everything in as soon as possible ..I'm still in give me till tomorrow nite =)

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    No rush, and glad to have you on board

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Galya, thank you for the 10-day tips. They are spot on! I almost bought another food scale for work until I thought of using the postage scale instead.

    I saw a link for high protein brothin another log (Joyce's) and I'm ordering some. It will be an easy and tasty way to add protein to soup, which I eat a lot. I tried adding whey/egg white protein powder (mixed in water) to chicken tortilla soup yesterday. It was an awful concoction but I choked it down. Never again!

    Anyway, I've done well this week and I think I'm seeing results. My skin seems to be getting a little tighter, although it could be my imagination. I take glucosamine chondroitin for my joints, and I have read that it also is beneficial for the skin or anything with collagen.

    Milena, I am going to make the spinach, eggs and curd tonight! I love all the recipe ideas people are posting. Unfortunately I don't have very much time to cook.

    What's up with everyone? There have been a few very quiet people on this team.
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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Hey Alice, glad everything is going well! I can relate to the skin issue: I have been fighting some of my own with dry brushing, massaging and applying collagen straight on. I also took collagen orally for a while and it made a huge difference to my knees. When I am in Bulgaria I have access to amazing collagen products from Poland. I am stocked for another month and then I have to find something local here. Ok, time to tell a secret. How many people here know that back in 2008 I was very ill and put on almost 20 lbs. Even though I lost it all over the next year, some skin and fat have stayed around my belly button area and are the target of this challenge. This is a loving fight, it should end well
    I've been very very inspired by some of my client's success with dry brushing. We've literally seen huge skin folds melt in half over a month - lymph can really get stagnant if you don't work on it. I will let you know how the skin experiment goes

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by "galya":2rz6q5f8
    I've been very very inspired by some of my client's success with dry brushing. We've literally seen huge skin folds melt in half over a month - lymph can really get stagnant if you don't work on it. I will let you know how the skin experiment goes
    That is really interesting. I learned about dry brushing about 5 years ago and totally think it helped me get rid of cellulite on my butt and thighs. Although I did also start weight training at about the same time. I had never done the brushing on my abdominal area, but it was never really a 'problem area' until post-baby. Will have to start and see how it goes.

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    I think my skin must be very sensitive, because the one time I tried dry brushing years ago, it really hurt no matter how lightly I did it. Do you have a suggestion for a product that is effective but gentle?

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    I never heard of this dry brushing thing until you posted about it here, now I'm exploring that cellulite site! I don't have much, just some on my outer thighs and right under my butt... and it's not that bad. Does it really help?
    The whole lymph discussion on the site is interesting too... might look into a lymph drainage person in my area if I can find one
    This place is a wealth of knowledge
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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Sensitivity to dry brushing tends to decrease the more times you do it. Brush in the direction of your lower body toward your left clavical. This is where the thoracic duct (the main lymph channel) empties into the sub-clavian vein. At least ten long brush strokes works well.

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Gasem, you may be the best person to ask: most therapists that I have read recommend that you brush the lower abdominal area toward the inguinal fold channels. Is that correct or should the whole abdominal area be brushed up toward the clavicle? Thank you!

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    What about kangoo jumps (a kind of rebounding) to stimulate lymph system? I do like my kangoo boots.

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    That could be fun. The thing is lymph needs surface stimulation as well , so you still need to brush / massage/ rub etc.

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Regarding coconut milk.. for years I'd rarely use it as it comes in cans and generally you're not going to use so much for meals that you'll finish it in a week.
    Finally it dawned on me you can freeze the milk as ice cubes (using a plastic bag for making ice cubes but a tray will work too).
    Then all I had to do is break off as many ice cubes as needed! Weighed a couple of cubes so as to be able to enter it in my food database program so calorie counting was easy-peasy.
    Favourite use was actually adding one cube to coffee every morning

    ETA: never heard about dry brushing either.. cellulite never used to be a problem, nowadays I do have some spots.. so checking the site!
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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    I always brush from ankles to shoulders and arms to shoulders. Most of the lymph flow is muscle driven up the body and drains into the thoracic duct on the left, lymph drains from the head and right extremity into a duct in the area of the right clavical on the right. Its a beautiful rich tan colored oily liquid before it enters the blood stream. There is an additional advantage as blood flow and nerological flow is also stimulated. Part of the issue of sensitivity is related to something called sensory integtation. Brushing also restores sensory integration resets the spinal cord and floods the brain with some endorphin like stimulation

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Gasem, do tell us more!
    I have found that dry brushing is super stimulating when I am tired - it wakes me up like a double shot of espresso! If you have a minute to share your experiences, how you started and why, that would be awesome.

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Our daughter has sensory processing disorder and we did brushing with her for years until she got older. I've never heard of brushing being used for reasons other than sensory processing though until now so I also would like to learn more. Until Gasem mentioned the link to SI I wasn't even sure if we were talking about the same thing. This is interesting.

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge


    I got interested in brushing not from a skin perspective but I became interested in sensory integration and a problem called tactile defensiveness here is a link


    if you google tactile defensiveness and sensory integration there is a lot more to be learned. A therapeutic technique to improve tactile defensiveness is called the Wilbarger brushing protocol


    which involves dry brushing of the body and joint compression. I asked myself how does this work?, and set about doing it to try and figure it out. Prior to medicine I was involved in basic neuroscience, primarily stroke research but I had my nose into other things as well. What I discovered is that brushing I think works a bit like a tens unit, and a bit like a seizure in that it floods the spinal cord and hind brain centers with stimulation, so much stimulation that substances get released and neuro transmitter levels reset. this happens in a seizure and is why electro shock therapy is so effective for some patients with depression. By starting at the feet and working to the head each nerve root of the spine is sequentially stimulated. I find it interesting that your perception gets brightened up. Mine gets toned down, and I get truly balanced relaxation. It turns out this is a very powerful technique

    As far as lymph, I knew the dynamics and direction of lymph flow pretty well and it seemed brushing was activating considerable lymph flow by mechanical means. In addition over the years I have been interested in the hormonal aspect of fat metabolism and something called eicosanoids which are hormones very evident in skin. eicosanoids are made from fatty acids and are part of the reason to eat omega-3's They are created locally and their action is usually local so if you whack your shin eicosanoid activity tends to start and end in the area of the whack. Not entirely, but it is a hormone unlike testosterone or thyroid hormone which is far more systemic. eicosanoids are what are affected when you take ibuprophin or aspirin. A certain pathway in that metabolism is cut off. In addition omega fatty acids improve cell wall fluidity. Cells communicate by proteins which are activated by molecules, and those receptor proteins reside in the cell wall. If your cell walls are waxy and not fluid the communication is likely less efficient. How this all works out in disease is probably very complex and I don't know if its major or minor but I think its important. I think brushing in the presence of no nsaids like ibuprophin probably also tends to reset local cell machinery like cell wall dynamics and reduction of edema. It clearly tends to reset the neurology. So all in all I think it has a beneficial, and real effect. I can't tell how major or minor the effect is. All of this is speculative on my part based on experiments on myself so don't take it as any kind of gospel. Its just something I got interested in.

    The reason I think lymph from the should be brushed from feet to shoulders beside the neuro effect is lymph moves in that direction and the lymph capillaries have valves in them that keep lymph from flowing back down. Once its in the capillary system it pretty much stays there until its dumped into the venous blood

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Wow, thank you. This is plenty of information. I am off to check the links for sensory integration.

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Sorry for interrupting the brushing conversation just for quick review of the second week of the challenge.Overall the second week was a LOT EASY than the first one. No cravings,easier training feeling strong all week long,nearly no soreness after the EDT.Five workouts for the week,3 in the gym,2 times boxing and no brushing.Weight myself on Saturday before going in the sauna and i was like 5 pounds lighter from what i started the challenge. Unfortunately I had friends over my house on Friday,so i drank like 1,5 liter of red wine-it was so nice than,but felt guilty the next day. I will try not to invite buddies next week.Good luck to everybody.Hope you all are healthy and strong.Thank you all.

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    Team Galya 2012 fat loss challenge

    Grigor, awesome job!!!
    I find that I love drinking with friends too - wine is so delicious and it's easy to have a bit more. Eating behavior scientists suggest not to pour in the same glass, but to pour in a new glass and keep the empty one close so you can KNOW how much you are drinking. A guy of your size should be able to have 2 glasses of wine without any negative effects, just don't drink on an empty stomach and do not eat sweets after Good job on the fat loss - you rock!


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