Stats: Jan/Feb/March

Average Weight: 246.3/242.4/241.1-5.2lbs
Biceps: 14.5/--/14-0.5
Chest Over Breasts: 51.5/50.5/50.5-1
Under breasts: 43.5/43/43-0.5
Natural Waist: 45/46/45Same
Widest Waist: 45/45/45Same
Hips: 59/58/57.5-1.5
L Upper Leg: 29/27/28-1
L Mid Thigh:27/27/26-1

Most recent measurements are in bold. Changes from January are in red. If my husband feels up to it later today I may get some pics posted later.

All in all I am pleased. I was hoping for maintenance with all the stress and changes and I think I did pretty well with that. My lowest weight this month was 239.1 so I was pretty close to that at the end.