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You can cut it any way you want - most people will ignore pain hoping (blindly) that the same activity causing the pain is the one that will cure it. Go figure.

We still don't know what type of exercise and how much is healthy. We work with guesstimates. Luckily, most of us who practice have some relative idea of safe boundaries and use testing to find out what their clients need. I rarely clear people to just ''do yoga''. I will assign specific things done in specific ways for that specific person at the time...and I am still making my best hypothesis. It's plain ridiculous to compare one system to another and flame each other - it's all relative to the person, the day, the hour, the goal.

If there is anything good that came out of this article, the ''don't run'' articles, etc, is that at least it raises some awareness. You can't just go out there and run, or start yoga and be sure you are doing good, or do excessive yoga...why? because it will make you feel excessively awesome? Because you will attain a level of inner peace only a crazy range of motion back bend will give you? C'mon. I have been doing yoga for years, but I am not kidding myself.

Same thing with running: we live in an area with many runners - I have to close my eyes every time - we probably see 1 every two weeks that should be out there at all. Will more running make you a better runner? Don't think so.