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    maybe some videos...

    Sure would be nice if you could get Alwyn to make a few videos of his less common exercises. I just watched about a dozen "reverse lunge cable row" videos and I think my eyes are going to bleed. Some people just don't understand when or why to combine things. Anyway, should it be done as a movement and coordination exercise with core emphasis? There is plenty of rowing in phase 2 so I know it's not for that.
    While we're on the subject, it would be nice to see a video of someone going through RAMP. Just to get a perspective on pacing and such.
    just sayin'!

    watch the vids, I dare you:
    In dog years, I'm dead.

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    maybe some videos...

    Ditto. Ramp, Metobollic and recovery.

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    maybe some videos...

    Alwyn sells DVDs that include many of the exercises we use.

    He has a brand-new one on RAMP that isn't yet on sale, but should be soon. The first DVD is a PowerPoint lecture on the philosophy behind it, and the second has 6 sample RAMP protocols. If you pick up that DVD and go to the program labeled 3b, you'll see something pretty close to the RAMP program we use in Supercharged.

    They put out a core-training DVD a couple years ago that includes many of the exercises we used in Abs, demonstrated by Rachel and Robert Dos Remedios.

    Aside from the exercise instruction, it's fun to watch all the way through just to see the look Rachel gives Alwyn when he tells her to do a couple more reps of an exercise she thought she was finished with. There's also a moment when Alwyn teases Dos about showing off. I'll tell you what: If I could do that exercise -- a single-leg Swiss-ball pike -- I sure as hell would make sure somebody sees it!

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    maybe some videos...

    Thanks for the info. How will we know when DVD is available.?

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    maybe some videos...

    I'll try to remember to come back to this thread when I see them on sale.


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