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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    Looking for workout buddies and folks to compare notes with. I started on Monday and have 2 official workouts under my belt! In workout A, I screwed up the step-ups and I forgot to do a set of crunches in workout B, but I'm still sore and feeling good.

    I'm excited to see what happens and I'm committing to 3X/week.

    Anyone else start recently? How are you feeling? What questions/concerns do you have? My biggest question is about cardio. How much is enough to lose weight, etc. I recently started using myfitness plan (2 months ago) and lost 15 lbs (35 to go); so my goal is to maintain muscle and shed fat. I have yo yo'd over the years and mostly focused on lots and lots of cardio. I've dabbled with weights over the years, but never seriously focused on it. I figured it was time to try something new. So here I am.

    Also curious as to what weights folks started with. I didn't want to go too light (I'm used to doing 8-10 lb weights only), but then I didn't want to get too crazy out of the gate and injure myself. I chose 25 lbs for the deadlift, 45 for the barbell squat, and 12.5 for my shoulder presses.

    Anyway, hi!

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    Well, I was mostly done with first phase when I pulled a quad muscle and was out of commission for a month. So I'm starting back at square one on Monday - you'll be a couple of workouts ahead of me, but I'll close in soon!

    Are you lifting twice or three times a week?

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    oh, I started with 95 lbs for the squat, but it turned out i was doing them wrong, and when I started to do them correctly, I injured myself because I had too much weight. I'm going to start with about 85 lbs on Monday and see how it goes. I started with 55 lbs for the deadlift and about 12.5 for shoulder presses. I was up to 20 at the end of the first phase, and up to 115 on squats, but .... I am going to go a little slower than I did the first time around and make sure my form is correct and that I'm not overdoing it.

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    @kmsairam; I wouldn't mind working out with you. I started Tuesday and have finished my second workout today. If you let me know what days you will work out next week I can sync up with you. BTW did you have a difficult time coming up with the routine?

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    Hey Kathy!
    Today is going to be my first day! I'm a little nervous... but here goes. I just wanted to share with you that I used for one year and lost 75 lbs. Now I'm back on it so that I can keep track for this program (The New Rules for Lifting for Women). I find it super difficult to do 40/30/30 with the diet. But I'm going to keep trying to adjust my diet on a daily basis to try and reach the higher protein diet. (I used the word diet way to much...) I've been incorporating more exercise in my life, too. I've been using this app called lolo treadmill which trains me to do interval cardio (walk-jog), I really like it! I plan to alternate both programs. Well... wish me luck!

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    Hey everyone! I just started the NROLFW again recently - I tried it a couple of years ago but a lack of access to a good gym at the time set me back. I'm in a much better place now - feeling very determined. I completed B3 today, so that would be my 6th workout. I only did 2 workouts my first week but here on out I'm doing 3 days - Wed, Fri, Sun.

    My biggest issue is dealing with a small injury - sprained pinky toe! Sounds insignificant, but it leaves me unable to do lunges To compensate, I've been doing step ups in both workouts A and B. I probably have another week or two before I can do them - does anyone have other good alternatives for a lunge? (The issue is bending my foot/toe - so any exercise with a fairly flat foot works)

    As I type this, I had another thought - I might be able to handle the lunges from a box, or whatever they are called, where you have your back foot on a box. Problem is, still, when I lower my leg with weight it would still press on my toe... hmmmmm... any suggestions welcome!

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    Hi Ladies,
    Well I survived the first week and just now (literally) realized I screwed it up. I have seriously read the workout stage 1 pages a zillion times. For some reason, I only saw 8 workouts, but upon re-reading, realized Stage 1 had 16 workouts. Basically I did the wrong amount of reps for A2 (lowered to 12 reps); I'll get back on track with B2 tomorrow.

    Suggestion to authors for some of us slowpokes: drop the A and B and number the stage 1 workouts 1-16. Maybe call them "odd number" and "even number" workouts? I dunno...

    I'm working out M, W, F before work. I'm feeling very determined too. I feel stronger just after one week (ok, that might be mental, but who cares). I had to reread the chapter on calories. I'm on 1550 and I realize that's not enough, but I'm seriously scared to eat more. I need to find the balance between eating less, but not to the point where I'm losing muscle. This past week, on the lift days, I ate 1750. Do you think I'm still too low? I peeked at the scale on Saturday (normal weigh-in day is Monday) and I'm down 2 lbs after gaining a pound last week. I'm finding it hard to get all the protein. This week I averaged 25% instead of 30%.

    Confession: I didn't do the warmups they suggested. I'm going to start doing that tomorrow (specifically lifting for 5-10 reps at 2/3 of the lift weight).

    Sorry for all the injured folks. I hope you heal quickly and can continue with the program!!

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    Kathy/Kmsairam, you might consider checking out the Training Log section of the forum. Lots of great info in those logs that might answer some of your questions. Here is my log. Im not too far ahead of you. My thread is a bit quiet now. Im on my week off between stages.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Tzubee":3tv87fkc
    Well, I was mostly done with first phase when I pulled a quad muscle and was out of commission for a month. So I'm starting back at square one on Monday - you'll be a couple of workouts ahead of me, but I'll close in soon!

    Are you lifting twice or three times a week?
    So glad to see you are going to be back at it on Monday! How is that quad feeling? I was poking through the old thread and wondering about you the other day. Ill be starting stage 2 on Tuesday if all goes as planned. Right now my eldest (4) is running a pretty good fever, so who knows what this week will really bring!

    Quote Originally Posted by "Fitvision":3tv87fkc
    My biggest issue is dealing with a small injury - sprained pinky toe!
    Fitvision, congrats on getting back to it! I have just got to on earth does one sprain a pinky toe? You poor thing, whatever you did it must have hurt like the dickens! I hope you heal quickly!!
    My log can be viewed here.

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    Hey I just stated yesterday, and Im excited to come back here and see what results are happening with everyone...

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    [font=Century Gothic:2gywo4ir]Tonight is Week 2 Stage 1 Workout B!! So excited to workout again after my 2 days off! Am working out at home for the meantime...until I can fit a gym into my budget but I have a wide array of weights and should be okay throughout Stage 1. I hope everyone is doing great and well on your way to being a goddess! [/font:2gywo4ir]

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    Hey everybody!

    I just started Monday and today I had my second workout (Day 2 Workout B). I come from many years of lifting on machines and so free weights are new to me!

    What weights are you guys using? For the deadlift and the squat I just used a naked bar at first. I guess next time I should add, what, 10 pounds? For the stepups I did 12 pounds in each hand, shoulder press 7.5 and then 10 pounds each, lunge 15 pounds each. The weights start out really easy and then by like the 12th rep it's getting kind of hard. Is this right?

    I can't wait to go back on Friday! Love it!

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    When choosing a weight you ideally want one where you have one in the tank after you're done. That is, if the program calls for 15 reps a set, pick a weight that you can do 16 reps with but not 17 each set.

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    Anyone Start Recently? I Did!

    This is kinda funny, today I'm on Day 4, Workout B, second time with the deadlift. The first time I just did the naked bar, to make sure I had the form right. Today I decide to put some weight on it. Chose two plates that each said 11.4, I figured that was a good start. 23 pounds total plus the 45 pounds for the bar. So I go to pick it up and I'm doing the reps and I'm thinking man this is pretty heavy! Come to realize it's not 11.4 pounds in each plate its 11.4 kilos, which is 25 pounds each. So with the weight of the bar included I'm actually deadlifting 95 pounds and not 68 like I thought. But by then I was already committed to it so I just kept on going and doing 15 reps of 95 pounds was killer, let me tell you. But I tried to play it cool like I had intended that.


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