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    Asterik Man

    That's a good one. You could power a small city with the electricity generated by Roger Maris spinning in his grave.

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    Asterik Man

    Hank is so close to Barry that he won't publicly say anything, but I wonder what he's thinking about all of this.

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    Asterik Man

    have you read the latest sports illustrated column about Barry. the man is basically a antisocial and a complete discrace of a human.

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    Asterik Man

    I dont know why he doesnt just admit it. If he came out and said Conseco did it, Mcguier did it, Sosa did it, and no one in baseball cared so I decided to do it too. He could make himself the victem and turn this whole thing around on MLB. I personally think he is being told by MLB if you never admit to it we will never investigate it.


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