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Thread: Blake Griffin

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    Blake Griffin

    Dunks in games like others have to stage in dunking contests. It's rediculous how athletic this guy is.


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    Blake Griffin

    Kevin Love > Blake Griffin

    but Blake did put an evil goatee on his twitter pic to support the best show on TV, Community, so he's cool.

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    Blake Griffin

    I always wonder with these athletically gifted players, how much is genetics, and how much of what they do could be replicated by other athletes with appropriate training?

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    Blake Griffin

    He is one of the most athletic players in the NBA but when he's not dunking he's painful to watch. His type of athleticism cannot be replicated with any training. Not that you can't train hard to become a better athlete but he's a genetic freak.

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    Blake Griffin

    when he's not dunking he's painful to watch
    In what sense? I've never seen him play in the NBA.

    When he was in the Big 12 he was just a scoring and rebounding machine. I don't remember any particular weaknesses being exposed, but then again, he was so dominant in college that he probably didn't need to have an all-around game.

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    Blake Griffin

    It's crazy how high this guy can jump. I doubt that it is all training, it's mostly genetics and some hard work because most guys in the NBA get the same kind of training(mostly) but not everyone can do what he does in game. Lebron probably comes closest, but that guy is in a different planet when it comes to athleticism.

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    Blake Griffin

    He seems pretty limited to me. I don't think his defense is really good, and I don't think he has very good low post moves. I see him as a dunker, not a complete player. He has a long way to go, IMO.


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