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Thread: Update to track with

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    Update to track with

    I am doing this because a few threads down JP asks for more pics.
    I took this pic on a whim a few weeks back in order to better track changes this year.
    Stats: 6ft and 180.
    Goals for the year. That is tough. If you look at the Fitness forum members pics you will see this is not all that different from those and some of those were 5 years ago. Overall I am happy with where I am but I would like to drop a bit more BF for definition yet still keep my current weight or add a bit. But of course...wouldn't we all. In the end I am happy to maintain.

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    Update to track with

    ROOKIE!! where you been man? lookin lean my man.

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    Update to track with

    Well I can tell by the avatar you have been hard at work. I seem to remember a time when you complimented me for my gains. I think you are winning now.

    I pop in from time to time. I have become resident whore over at MH. JP's site is blocked from me during the day so I only get to browse every now and then on a weekend or at night. But with the family that is tough. I have spent a little tme at CoachDos's board as well but it is not very active.

    Thanks for the response and keep up the great work! Good to see your voice.

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    Update to track with

    Looking pretty good Rookie. You're close to my age aren't you? It really does get harder with the demands of having kids, doesn't it?

    You need to do some all around shots; front, back, legs, etc. Total accountability my friend! That'll motivate you!

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    Update to track with

    JP, JP, JP....we have known each other a long time. If you want pics of my backside, just ask?

    And yes, with the kids growing up life often gets in the way of workouts, proper eating and everything else. But I would not trade it for the world. If Ihad to choose between being in shape and not being a dad or being a fat slob and being a dad I would choose the latter. Good thing in this society with a little work you can be an even better dad by being in shape.

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    Update to track with

    Decided to snap another quick one yeasterday to keep me on track. Really haven't changed much but taking the pics helps me see that better than the mirror.

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    Update to track with

    Not sure what happened to my old pic. But here is one taken a few weeks back for my training log. I have not changed much in many years. Which makes me happy honestly. I will turn 40 in a couple months. I have to admit I feel kinda good about where I am.


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