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Thread: 30 Day Challenge Results

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Wanted to brag on some of the members here and readers who did the Big Meal Challenge on my blog. These are their before and after from 30 Days.

    If looking to learn more about it you can read here and here. The final results were posted here.

    Was 233 Now 222.4
    Total Weight Loss- 11.4
    Bf% Lost-4.1%

    Pauline Stats
    Was 108.5 Now 104.5
    Total Weight Loss-4 pounds
    Total Inches Lost-5 inches
    Bf% lost-1.5-2.0%
    Push up Increase-From 3 to 16

    Was 224 Now 220
    Total Weight Loss-4 pounds
    Total Inches Lost-9 inches
    BF% Lost-4.5%

    Was 129 Now 124.8
    Total Weight Loss-4.2 pounds
    Total Inches Lost-7 inches
    Bf% lost-2.0%

    Was 151 Now 139.8
    Total Weight lost-11.2
    Total Inches Lost-8
    BF% Lost-3.8%

    [align=center:37tfa04e]AND THE WINNER WITH 22 POUNDS LOST IN 30 DAYS?!![/align:37tfa04e]


    Jim Stats
    Was 241 Now 219
    Total Weight Loss-22 pounds
    Total Inches Lost-16 inches
    BF% lost-5.5% body fat

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    PS-Working on the readers of the blogs pictures and will get them up too.

    Everyone should be wicked proud, that is a lot to accomplish in 30 days.

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Alright here are the before and after for the readers. I know a lot of these are board members so show some love, very impressive!

    Post is here...

    The Challenge Results and Winners: The Readers - Fat Loss Troubleshooter-Leigh Peele

    Shari-down 7 pounds
    Big Meal Lasagna Champion Winner

    Matt down 10.1 pounds

    Lori down 7.2 pounds down 11 inches

    Joy down 3.2 pounds down 3.1 inches went from 20 to 30 pushups

    Anna down 6.4 pounds

    Cynthia Down 5 pounds down 10 inches

    Diane down 5.8 pounds down 13.5 inches

    Etana down 9 pounds down 16.5 inches (not including arm)

    Hazel down 4 pounds down 5.5 inches
    Read winner is….

    Josh down 11 pounds down 6.75 inches

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Wow. Awesome results, everyone. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Awesome job everyone!! That's some impressive work ...

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Way to go Everyone!

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Amazing results everyone! Congrats!

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Great job, everyone! You guys worked so hard and you deserve to be very proud of yourselves!!

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Fantastic results everyone!!!

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    30 Day Challenge Results

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    Its an Amazing work around 30 Days. Everybody is looking great here.

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    30 Day Challenge Results

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    30 Day Challenge Results

    All of these before and after pics are inspiring me to work harder!

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    30 Day Challenge Results

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