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    My YoYo

    So I have been a member for a very long time, but cannot log into my old account since I deleted my old email. Now with that put aside...

    I have never been a "thin" girl. Its either muscular or squish. I have been every where on the weight scale. lowest is 140 highest was 245. That was a low point in my life. After having a child I had let "body" go. Denial was an issue for me at that stage until reality hit and I had to try and squeeze into a size 22. Here are some photos i am only 5'2 and now currently at 200 and a size 12.

    I will try to post pics as I go along this journey.

    My YoYo
    me right before I found out I was preggers. 2008 140ish

    My YoYo
    Me a year after I had my son, and NO i am not preg in the pic. 2010

    My YoYo
    Me 2011

    My YoYo
    me 2012 Jan. I was at my max high. When I saw my brothers wedding photos. and realized my arms had dimples. I freaked out 245 lbs

    My YoYo
    Me Dec 2012 160lbs size 10

    I have fallen off of the wagon again due to work and laziness ./.... but me today at 190lbs and a size 12 not as big as i was before when I was 190 size is a lot smaller but still bothers me.

    My YoYo

    Back to the intense work out and healthy foods.

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    My YoYo

    Welcome back, Chera - glad to see you around.

    The board is a lot quieter than it used to be, but hopefully when JP changes it back to a better format it'll pick up again...

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    Chera, time to update this thread. Let's see the latest, good or bad. C'mon!


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