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    First month's results

    I'm not really into the before and after photo thing. So I'll go by the scale and what the clipboard has to say. I've got late stage neurological lyme disease, which sucks. I haven't been able to touch weights in almost three years. I found out the lyme spirochetes hate high temperatures. There's also the thing with the herxheimer reaction where the little spirochetes explode when they die, releasing toxins, your body freaks out and makes you feel worse, even though you're getting better. I have to detox when I feel my worst I also found out they eat sugar, blood sugar, whatever it is I have to stay on a low carb diet. I feel it when I cheat. I had gotten myself up to 275 and got down to 215 at my lowest since ditching carbs. For detoxing at first I could run a little. Then I started doing interval sprints for about 30 minutes. I also tried some light kettlebell stuff at home. This summer I ran a decent amount, but I have some weightlifting friends posting their stuff on facebook and I started getting fired up. I'm also a computer animator so I spend a ridiculous amount of time sitting behind a desk, so I wasn't in really great shape.

    I finally worked myself up to dust off my NROL book, but I must have donated it to someone when I thought I'd never lift again. Off to Barnes & Noble I went, didn't even want to wait for Amazon. They were all out of NROL but there was NROL Abs.

    I was reluctant at first. I've never been big into ab exercises. My whole purpose in doing this was to raise my body temperature, kill some lyme and detox. Little did I know what it was My whole body hurt after the first workout.

    The warm up alone still has me sweating.

    I gave myself a C for the front plank and D's for the side planks. Definitely spent more time on the ground than in the air. Split squats with 20's which was difficult to swallow. 5 years ago I was all fired up to get my back squat over 500 for a set of 11. Inverted rows I could only do three sets of 9. Romanian deadlift was 135, but man that was tough. I don't know if I finished all the push ups. I've never been big on pushups.

    First try at workout B was pretty much the same. I'm amazed I went back after being so sore from the first one. Anti-rotation static hold was 30lbs. The planks were garbage. DB Single RD was with 20's. DB Alternating Shoulder Press was 20's. Overhead squats were with a 15lb pole for all 3 sets. Cable kneeling pulldown was 35lbs.

    Fast forward to the end of the first month. I've started doing them with an elevated bosu ball and giving myself a B+. I can make it about 45 seconds to a minute and then I'm back up for the last 10 or 20 seconds. I get an A- when I go the full 90 seconds.

    Split squats are up to 50lb dbs. I think I'm limited by grip strength, but I'll keep at it. Inverted rows I get all 12, even if I need a quick break before the last 3 reps. I've started doing those with the bosu ball as well. Romanian deadlift came up to 185. Pushups are now off an elevated bosu and I can bang those out no problem. They're just tough at the end of a long sweaty workout.

    For Workout B, my anti-rotation static hold came up to 60lbs. They're weird, trying not to slide along the floor, and I have to use a pad as my knees dig down. Elevated planks are awesome. Today they were all off an elevated bosu ball. Super sweat. I'm considering elbow pads as my elbows are getting alligator skin.

    Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts are awesome. I've never been more proud to do a lift with 60lbs. Between the elevated planks and the SLRDLs I feel like I'm working out for Cirque du Soleil. I love how no one else in the gym does any of these. DB Alternating Shoulder presses came up to 40lbs today. Those have never been my forte'.

    Overhead Squats are now DB Overhead Squats. Those came up to 17.5lbs. Cable kneeling pulldown came up to 168.

    I missed the part about doing something for 30 minutes on off days. My schedule is a little weird so I'm strategizing how to make that work. I did get in and try a Spin class for the first time last week. That was a lot of sweating. I tried to go back for another one this week but it was cancelled so I did the warm up routine, five minutes on some stair climber eliptical thing. That was super boring so I did some power cleans for the first time in a long time. I got through sets of 10, 5, 3 and I was done. Absolutely exhausted. Even today my traps are kind of sore. But man was that fun I think I'm going to keep doing them on off days.

    I was the fat kid growing up, played some football and wrestled heavier weight classes in high school. Ran a lot in college, but never got into ab workouts. The closest I ever came to having abs was when I started doing yoga and eating like a rabbit. That lasted about a month. 5 years ago I got depressed and starting eating and drinking dark beers (they're like liquid chocolate cake!) and couldn't get the weight off until I cut out all the carbs. I didn't start the program to get abs. Like I said, I just need to raise my body temperature and these exercises are different and fun. I can say my man boobs disappeared almost immediately. If anyone ever googles how to get rid of man boobs, NROL for Abs should be the first thing to pop up. Guaranteed. I've definitely got more definition in my forearms. Maaaybe my biceps are bigger. My posture is vastly improved. I stand up straight everywhere I go, and that's really good for the animator's stoop. I lost four pounds over the week of Christmas. I don't think many people can say that. Maybe I felt the beginning of an upper ab muscle today. I've still got some belly fat and love handles to chase off. I'm guessing the Spin classes and power cleans might handle that.

    I'm really fired up about my results so far and looking forward to the rest of the program.

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    First month's results

    What a great report!

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    First month's results

    Quote Originally Posted by "LisaS":3kcnvq3l
    What a great report!

    Congratulations on your progress and good luck as you move on to the next stage.

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    First month's results

    My favorite part is when you said power cleans were fun!

    We should have fun in life and physical activity is one of the best ways to have some.

    Lou Schuler talks (in NROL4L) about how some prior generations were actually not more active than ours. I know what he means: my dad came up poor doing blue collar jobs. When he got his first white collar job, he was DONE with physical activity (until he retired). To his mind physical activity was a lower class/dumb jock phenomena. Educated, successful people didn't sweat.

    My father in law was from the same social strata and had the exact same experience.

    Any time I mentioned running to either one of them they'd make the same crack: I only run if someone is chasing me! (Silently I thought: yes, and that would be a very short run indeed!)

    It is a shame though, because they took out one of the legs from the Mind-Body-Spirit triangle, and lost a lot of enjoyment in life.

    So keep having fun and kicking butt!

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    First month's results

    Great Job. Yesterday I had an xray on my back and found that my 4th and 5th vertebrae are being "compressed". I did all the workouts in NROL last year and started to have pain around Thanksgiving. It hasn't gotten any better. Today I ordered NROL for Abs from Amazon (it was free, I used points) so I'll start in on that as soon as I can.
    I hope to expereince the same success you did!

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    First month's results

    So I'm in the last week of Phase 2. I'm still really excited about the program, but thought I'd mention a few things.

    I've probably done Phase 2 wrong. I started out with the burpees and just got way too exhausted to function, so I cut that out. I also got really excited about getting stronger, and probably pushed it a little too far. For example my last set of step ups was with 105lb dumbbells up from 40's early on. Dumbbell split squats was up to 95lbs each up from 40's. Wide grip deadlift off a plate got up to 275 up from 135, but that was pretty extreme. It's funny to catch people peeking at my clipboard when I'm away doing a 2b exercise.

    Still, it's tough with the lyme disease which is my main goal. I know I'm going in and getting my body temperature up. Racing Thermogenics from GNC, probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but a half scoop in my water bottle pretty much sets me on fire. We've had a brutal winter in the northeast and I honestly haven't been cold at all. Shoveling three times in a blizzard just felt like a workout. No big deal.

    There was another thread in the forum about bulking with NROL for Abs. I definitely bulked in Phase 2. Nothing outrageous, but lats, traps, abs of course. I didn't really cut as much fat as Phase 1, but I wasn't working out for fat loss really. That's going to be my goal for Phase 3. I'm guessing the key is to go a little lighter. I get distracted by the rule from the original NROL about the goal of each workout is to set a record. To me that usually means going 10lbs heavier on almost everything but at a certain point I can admit I get foolish. The progress of numbers on a scale or a clipboard can be really enticing.

    I'm probably going to do the whole program again once I'm done for so many reasons, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how I do it differently. Then I have my sights set on Supercharged.

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    First month's results

    Thanks for the recap. I'm kind of stalking you're stuff. Next week I'll start phase 2. I have no desire to bulk. I herniated a disk while doing HT3 from NROL. I haven't made a point to increase the weight at each workout either. The workouts for me are to build core strength and rehabilitate the back some.

    I'm in the Northeast as well. I posted a journal entry on another website I frequent. Maybe I'll post it here.

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    First month's results

    Ok, now I need some help. It's probably been at least 4 weeks since I've worked out. I got slammed with some freelance work I couldn't pass up. And I've been super sick ever since. Getting back in, do I just start off at the workout I would have done 4 weeks ago? Or do I go back to Phase 2? Any advice?

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    First month's results

    I don't think it really matters. Just ease back in slowly until you feel like you are back to normal. Things like this are going to happen. It won't be the last time. You need to just roll with it.


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