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Thread: Adjustable Dumbbells

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    I have the Bowflex set and love them. They take up almost no space. They can be a little bulky, but work. I also read that you better not drop them or they'll break. I've never dropped them, so.... I don't know if a stand comes with the set you are looking at, but I highly reccomend a stand. Trying to get a heavy DB off the floor sucks. I also bought a set of adjustable kettlebells and love them.

    oh....I don't know if you are a man or woman. But, a guy could outgrow the DBs pretty fast depending on which weight you buy. For me, a woman, it was only a problem with DB pullovers. Mine go to 52.5.

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Don't know anything in specific about them, but I do know that 1) costco usually has pretty good quality stuff, and 2) you can return anything at any time without a hassle if you don't like it. We've returned hard drives that have crapped out a couple years after purchase, no problem. So, if you find you don't like them, it's not too tough to change your mind.

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Adjustable dumbbells have come a long way. I STILL have my clunky powerblocks in the basement and can't give them away!

    I can't really tell by the description, but the only thing I'd be worried about is the increments. I like to have my dumbbells go up in small 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, etc. When they go up in 5lb increments, that's sometimes too much for movements like MP's and BP's (for example).

    ETA: OK, it looks like 5 lb increments. I would want smaller increments. You'll just have to judge that for yourself. Also, I am assuming you have smaller dumbbells for those movements that require a DB less than 25 lbs?

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    That is a problem. Mine are 2.5 to 25, then it goes to 5 increments. I use wrist weights after 25. I have someone drape a wrist weight across my knuckes after I get the DB in place or just wear them, depending on what I'm doing.

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Thank you for all your comments.

    I am a female. I have clunky hex db's too (5's, 10's and 20's).... For some excercises I have hit my limit on the clunky ones but on others I still find them a challenge. The 5lb increment on the adjustables was a bit of a concern for me also so I thought I could use wrist weights. I currently have a 2.5lb and 5lb set (1.25 and 2.5 per wrist). I hope that these can get me there.....any thoughts on augmenting this way for excercises that use db's? (Thank you Iron Butterfly)

    I also love Costco too specially for their quality products and their exceptional return policy.....The only downside to Costco is it likes my bank account too much

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    I hear ha on that. No such thing as a small trip. If the trip is ever under a hundred it means I forgot crap.
    If each end separately adjusts you can do them unevenly to get smaller increments. If they're steel or iron you can use plate mates.

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Quote Originally Posted by "Civil69":2nbc1qbp
    Well, my dumbells just arrived (Happy B'day to me lol) and I have to say, adjustable DB's are the best invention. They take up so little room and provide a decent weight range for growth.


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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    I used to have the bowflex, but now I have the Ironmaster set

    They (as the name says) are made of iron so they feel sturdier than the Bowflex and are a bit less bulky. I found the dial to adjust the weight on the Bowflex to get stuck from time to time. These take a little more time to change weights but do so without jamming. They also go up to 75lbs with an option to increase to 120lb.

    Just another option out there to look at.

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Heh, I've been trying to figure out a way to get rid of ours, they're just sitting in storage. The whole thing is pretty big, and they're a pain, and bulky as shit so you only end up using them for bigger weights where the bulk doesn't seem funny. Using them for 10 pounds feels just ridiculous.

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Same here, Aoife....I can't seem to give mine away!

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    I know, right? I'm glad I didn't pay for them. Got them with the cage and weights and whatnot for like $300 so they were practically negative dollars. They're useful for heavy goblet squats and that's about it.

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Quote Originally Posted by "missjane":21pc4tor
    ... I STILL have my clunky powerblocks in the basement and can't give them away!...
    PowerBlocks? I'll take 'em!

    Aoife, are you referring to the BowFlex (clunky and butt-ugly as hell) ones? I have both the IronMaster 75's and the PowerBlock 95's, and I'd hardly characterize them as any more "clunky" than the hexes or plate assembled ones I've owned previously.

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    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Ironmaster ones linked to above my post.
    They're big, but more importantly, the thing they set on is huge. Larger than the one pictured in the link, though. The weights go on the side. 240 pounds of weight is a lot of plates.

    You can't call those things anything but bulky.

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    Roark Haver

    Adjustable Dumbbells

    I've had a set of 5# - 90# Powerblocks for years. I really like them. They're compact and very simple to adjust.


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