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Thread: Addicted to planks....But

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    Addicted to planks....But

    I have been progressing both my front and side planks; however, yesterday I tried the side plank with feet on Swiss ball and found my balance was severely lacking. I ended up placing DB's on each side of the SB so that the only movement I had to counteract was a front to back movement.

    I am wondering if it would be effective to master the front to back movement and progress by removing one DB at a time until I am able to do it completely unassisted. As it was, without any support, if I didn't crash to the ground (the bruising will be showing soon) I folded in half and lost all form so I improvised.

    As i said, i love planks b/c they are challenging and rewarding so any suggestions to help me master the next level of planks would be greatly appreciated.


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    Addicted to planks....But

    I like this articlea lot.

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    Addicted to planks....But

    Quote Originally Posted by "missjane":3grt4xvg
    I like this articlea lot.
    Thank you for the article. Can't wait to try some of the examples; however, the stable planks have not been an issue, it is the unstable planks using a Swiss ball at my feet that has been the struggle.

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    Addicted to planks....But

    Quote Originally Posted by "missjane":gcd4fj9u
    I like this articlea lot.
    I'm in shock! I didn't realize that straight arm planks were easier than elbow planks! Here I thought I was advancing. Back to basics for me now. Awesome article, missjane.

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    Addicted to planks....But

    In supercharged they show a side plank with stability ball where one foot is UNDER the ball and the other on top. Essentially, you are squeezing the ball a bit with your feet.

    It is still a challenge for the balance (at least for me), but not as bad as both feet on top (which I can't do either).

    I really like your suggestion for bracing with dumbbells though! I'll try that.


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