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Thread: Q for Lou--moving past phase 1

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    Q for Lou--moving past phase 1

    I am brand new to lifting and I've seen awesome results with phase 1 of NROL4A, but after doing the program for 8 weeks I still have a relatively weak upper body.

    I still do my pushups and inverted rows on a bit of an incline on the smith machine, because I can't do sets of 12 pushups off the floor (or do the rows with my body relatively paralel to the floor). This is still a huge improvement over when I started, because I could barely do 5 pushups off my knees at first, but obviously I haven't mastered these exercises yet.

    Would I be better off doing another 2 weeks/6 workouts of phase 1 and just keep increasing the weight on my lifts and moving closer to doing pushups on the floor, or do you think I should move on to phase 2 anyway? Or should I do some hybrid, adding the metabolic work onto the phase 1 strength workout, and then starting phase 2 proper after a couple weeks?

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    Q for Lou--moving past phase 1

    Move on. Would you be saying "well, I can deadlift 135/300/500 yet, should I stay where I am or move forward?" Nope.

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    Q for Lou--moving past phase 1

    I agree with Aoife. The program is set up to be repeatable, so if you feel you made your best gains in the first part, you'll return to it soon enough.

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    Q for Lou--moving past phase 1

    Thanks for answering <3


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