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Thread: The Overhead Squat

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    The Overhead Squat

    The overhead squat in stage 1B will be the death of me. Not because I feel super fatigued by it, but my form sucks so bad. I always bend forward coming down onto the squat, even when just holding the wooden bar. My knees also tend to go over my toes.

    My form on normal back squats is bad enough;
    Getting better, but still pretty bad. I find my back feels it afterwards, which I know isn't good. I have been practicing, and although i'm working primaryly with just the bar, it's getting better. But the overhead, forget it. Also, I feel like I can lift way more than that. I'm not fatigued after working with the bar very much, but if I go any higher, my form feels comprimised, I get anal about it, and I go back to a lower weight.

    Should I keep on trying with the overhead? Or would mastering a proper regular squat be more beneficial to me?

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    Re: The Overhead Squat

    These links might help you identify and correct your mobility and/or flexibility issues:

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    Re: The Overhead Squat

    Hijacking this thread to post an additional question without starting the topic over. I too struggle with the OH squat. Though I"ve noticed my depth is better this time around than the first time through this program, though I still feel more on my toes than my heels - working on it. But I'm noticing that I tend to look down with my head down the further at the bottom I get. Is there any issue with that? I saw a video by Mark Rippetoe where he actually says looking down helps with balance on this exercise, but at the same time it felt like I shouldn't be doing it once I caught myself.


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