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Thread: Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    I have noticed something odd coming back to this program. In doing more exercises with DB's at my sides, my elbows seem to ache when I'm done. I'm not holding anything heavier than 20 lbs. in each hand, which doesn't seem too heavy. I'm not sure if this means I shouldn't use DB's, use lighter ones, switch to using a barbell for split squats, step-ups, etc.? Wondering if anyone has heard of this or experienced something similar.

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    My elbows are a bit sore today. I think it has to do with grip issues. I'm going to ice and heat it as well as massaging my elbow. I'm sure it will be better in a few days

    Hope you feel better

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    Good to know we aren't alone. I feel completely fine today, just curious about what is causing it and what I should adjust, if anything. I may either switch to a barbell, or load up on my shoulder (offset for step-ups possibly), rather than hanging down at my sides. Hope you feel better as well.

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    I get this when I carry home heavy bags of groceries. I think it is perhaps not gripping hard enough and letting the bags sort of hang there. Just a thought. If I was able to actively grip the bags and engage the forearms more I think it wouldn't happen. Perhaps the same is true for DB hanging during step ups. The weights are not that heavy so perhaps you don't squeeze as you might for grip and this allows some different strain. Just a random thought.

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    Hmm. That is a thought. Now that you mention it, I notice the same thing with groceries. They end up sore enough that when I put dishes in and out of the cabinets, just that little bit of lifting motion, I feel it. I'm also wondering if doing so many planks, side planks, planks/pull downs, etc. with the Abs program - compared to not doing them so much previously - is somehow hurting my elbows? I don't use any padding and maybe I should? Before I did planks occasionally and on a mat. Don't know if that's the cause or maybe it just contributes. All I know is I've been able to handle heavier DB's up until recently so I can't figure out what's different. Even the 2-point row today felt like it was aggravating my right elbow a bit, though I may change grip on those next workout from overhand to neutral and see if that helps. They aren't as sore today so it's better but I definitely felt it during the workout. I tried to pull my shoulders back a little more - it felt like I was working more actively to hold the DB's that way rather than just at dead hang.

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    If you're doing planks and side planks w.o. a mat, I'd start there. Personally, I always use a mat for those, even on a padded gym floor.

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    I had some issues with my elbow on Friday after doing the B workout in Phase 2 for the second time. I noticed it during the DB singe-arm push press. I felt my right elbow do a little popping/friction thing) as I was finishing the lift. Nothing that snapped or was sudden pain, but when I went to do the offloaded front squat, just hefting the dumbell up to my shoulder hurt a little. Gave it a day to rest and yesterday it seemed ok, but I think I'm going to have to be more careful on those push presses. It's frustrating because 15 pound DBs are too easy but I had the problem when I went to 20s.

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    It's interesting but since posting and asking around with other lifters, this elbow thing is pretty common. The causes are pretty varied (everything from pull-ups to curls). Who knows where/when/how it happened? I suspect now that I may have hyper-extended them playing a game in the swimming pool with my daughter all summer (chest passing a basketball as far and as hard as I could over and over again). Either way, today's workout went much better. I was actually able to hold some decent weight and nothing was aggravated to the point that the exercise couldn't happen. I won't take elbows for granted in the future though - who knew? :blink:

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    Elbows sore after holding DB's at sides?

    As awesome as it is, the body is a real pain to manage/keep track of. Glad to hear your most recent workout went better.


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