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Thread: Phase 3 question

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    Phase 3 question

    Started phase 3 today, for second time. For strength, did 8 sets on the first pair and 7 on the second pair.

    Is that too many sets or should I be increasing the weight till I'm at lower number of sets?

    I really didn't rest between and was pretty well soaked with sweat after so I don't think i could do another set in 10 minutes even at a lighter weight.

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    Phase 3 question

    If what you're doing is kicking your ass, it's fine.

    I would focus on progressive improvements in the power and core exercises (esp. the TGU and farmer's walk), while going for a consistent effect in the strength portion. If it consistently feels like a really hard workout, that's exactly what you want.

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    Phase 3 question

    Thanks! Just the guidance I needed.

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    Phase 3 question

    As an update, phase 3 is officially kicking my ass. After the first workout, I had two off days scheduled -- and I NEEDED them.

    After the second, I also needed a second off day. Still sore from 6 sets of reverse lunges/6 of incline press, 6 sets of 1 1/4 squats and 6 of close grip chin ups.


    Hoping I'll adjust so that I can get back on a 3 a week schedule!

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    Phase 3 question

    Actually, thinking about it more, I feel like the rear foot elevated split squat in Work out A is a little redundant with the reverse lunge in workout B.

    I think I will try a goblet squat one time. I get that they want a bilateral motion, but since it is a timed event and not measured by sets, I think it can work.

    But Lew feel free to set me straight!


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