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Thread: Question on Planks (Phase One)

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    Question on Planks (Phase One)


    Im doing the NROL4Abs Phase One for teh past two weeks. I do the planks last.
    During teh first two weeks, I can feel the front "abs" getting fatigued(shaky).

    Recently, I found that my lower back muscles are also coming into play. The lower back burning sensation is higher than the front. I tried to lift the butt slightly (thinking I may have the wrong posture), but the burning is still there. I stop when I felt this.
    My posture looks OK (from my view from the mirror).

    Historically I do not have back problems.
    I am not able to distinguish whether this is a back muscle pain or not. But after the session my belly (sides/front/back) feel taut. I feel good.

    Once I tried to do plank 3sets 60s the moment I step into gym. No issue there.

    My questions ::

    1) Is this "lower back muscle burning" normal ? Can I regard this as lower back training (as in from Front Squat) ?

    2) Should I do my planks at the end of weights ? Or planks should be performed at beginning of session ?

    Your advice appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Question on Planks (Phase One)

    Karhong, Alwyn put the planks at the beginning of the workout for exactly that reason: so you'd do them when your core muscles are fresh.

    I recommend doing the workouts as written, at least until you have a good reason to change them around.

    So you start with 2 sets of planks (not 3), and 2 sets of side planks.

    Then you do the strength exercises -- split squats, rows, RDLs, pushups -- as described in the Phase One program.

    Good luck!


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