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Thread: Rack Deadlifts

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    Rack Deadlifts


    I'm a bit lost on the Rack DL. The book says to use a rack that's just below the knee, but my gym's rack positions were either halfway up my shin or just above my knee. I ended up using the above the knee position as I thought the lower position would make it more like a Romanian DL, but I'm not sure I was getting a decent extension.

    What's the goal of this exercise, extension-wise? Should it be more like a Romanian DL with dead stops, or with less ROM?

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    Rack Deadlifts

    You could stand on something - like a plate - if you wanted to adjust where it hit you on the leg.

    Here is a t-nation articleabout the place and use of rack pulls.

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    Rack Deadlifts

    When I did it in phase 2, I used the bottom notch in the cage. The bar was just below my knees. If it were above my knees, it would have felt more like a RDL.

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    Rack Deadlifts

    Lisa - Great suggestion. I had the same problem attempting a rack DL as the OP. The notches just don't go down far enough and starting above the knee was useless. Maybe I'll try putting a step in the rack next time. I love regular DL's but since I"m not using the biggest plates all the time I have to elevate the bar by stacking a few weight plates on each side to set the bar on and it's a real pain. Hoping this is a better option, but I"m not clear on what the overall difference is between a rack DL and the traditional version?

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    Rack Deadlifts

    With a rack DL, you are pulling the bar from a higher position. You should be able to pull more weight with a rack DL.

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    Rack Deadlifts

    Thanks for those tips. That t-nation article is interesting, Lisa. From what I read on it, it doesn't matter too much if the bar is within a couple of inches on either side of the knee, but it comes down to the knee angle. Definitely something to experiment with!

    Looking at the affected area diagram on (, the DOMS is telling me I've hit the right area... my lower back was solid yesterday.


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