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Thread: Toning vs Building

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    Toning vs Building

    I am naturally bigger build with previous training, but took a bit of a break and only getting back into things. I would like to rather tone than betting bigger (esspesialy my arms- biceps - which is already 32cm). Do I use lighter weights and increase the rep tempo, or heavier and push through slower? I always feel as if i can do another workout after im done, although im pushing the weights to the limit. Im starting with level 2.

    How can i increase my shoulders more. Im itching to ad onto the program, but dont want to intervere if it will be of no use. I have also changed by diet to a high protein low carb which is having a good affect on losing fatloss.

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    Toning vs Building

    Hi Mia, I am not in the industry and don't know the science behind it, but the folks around here don't seem to like the word toning, at least not as an action verb. According to NROL4W, if you build muscle and lose fat you will look toned. I am not sure how much of your 32 cm bicep is muscle. (I started the program at about 30.5 cm and feel I have only moderate muscle ... stuff still jiggles during a Hip-Hop class ) Anyhow, maybe someone who knows more about high reps and tempo can be of more help. Good luck with your program!

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    Toning vs Building

    Yes, that's right.

    tempo, speed, etc. should have little effect on muscle growth in the grand scheme of things.

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    Toning vs Building

    I remember the in the book, it said that the idea of "toning" by doing high reps with low weights is a myth. You can either build muscle, lose fat or do both. If your idea of "toned" is being slim with visible, but non bulky muscles, then you would want to lose fat and maintain your current muscle mass. The workouts in the book, along with proper diet, are supposed to help you do that.

    As for shoulders: The workouts contain exercises that work the shoulders, but a lot of muscle composition is up to genetics. You can add in more shoulder exercises, but there's only so much you can do if you have naturally smaller shoulders in relation to everything else. Targeting specific muscles is more of a bodybuilding thing, and I don't know much about it.

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    Toning vs Building

    Shoulders are easily overworked. When you are new to lifting , I would certain not do shoulder-specific training right off the bat.
    Someone put it really nicely by saying that when you are sculpting an object, you don't start with the details but build up the bigger areas first. It's the same way with 'body-sculpting' .

    When you're an intermediate to advanced lifter, you can start bringing up weak areas.
    The only way how you can already help fate a little bit is to switch the order around of some exercises, so that you are hitting shoulders first thing in a workout.
    This will however make you weaker on other, bigger/more important lifts.

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    Toning vs Building

    AAA thanks everyone. Making more sense now. I have noticed the difference in my arms already by losing some bodyfat, so that must be the key that I am looking for. I tend to lift very heavy weights and someone commented to me that im building more than i should, hence my concern. Thanks for everyones input!

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    Toning vs Building

    The reason why people think very heavy lifting makes you 'bulky' is that overeating makes everyone stronger, period! Undereating does the reverse, period! (see my signature below)

    So, people like powerlifters (or strongmen or wrestlers etc etc) in higher weight classes for whom strength is far more important than looks, eat way more than they really need and are bear-ish strong as a result.. but also grow both muscles and fat.

    Eat at maintenance and you won't get bulky .. undereat and you can't get bulky even when you wanted to..

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    Toning vs Building

    Quote Originally Posted by "Mia":31fzma39
    How can i increase my shoulders more. Im itching to ad onto the program, but dont want to intervere if it will be of no use.
    Also, I wouldn't worry about adding on to "get" your shoulders just yet. I think the program will "get" them for you ... albeit in a rather sneaky way.


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