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Thread: Do you use weightlifting gloves?

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    Do you use weightlifting gloves?

    Just curious... I'm getting to a stage where I wish I had those, and I am wondering how helpful they are.


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    Do you use weightlifting gloves?

    Not helpful at all IMO.
    When the thickness of a barbell is an issue like it was for me, (not being able to completely close fingers around it, a general barbell is thick enough as it is, using gloves will only make it thicker.
    I've sprained my wrist last year trying to use straps and now would exclusively use magnesium (the one I have is called Liquid Grip). I've also bought my own women's barbell now I'm in a gym that doesn't have these.
    When thickness is not an issue, it is simply a matter of slowly building up your grip strength, which isn't happening with gloves either.

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    Do you use weightlifting gloves?

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    Do you use weightlifting gloves?

    Nope, don't use them. I have no aspirations on being a hand model and I like my callouses.

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    Do you use weightlifting gloves?

    No I do not wear gloves. IMO when something happens in life without notice you will not have gloves to help your grip or protect your hands, so you need to train your hands to toughing up just like the rest of your body.

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    Do you use weightlifting gloves?

    The only time when I wore gloves in the gym was when I didn't know any better & also wore them all the time on a bicycle. Gloves are important for cyclists to absorb shocks when ON the bicycle and even more important when you fall to protect your hands a bit against chafing etc.
    But when I got more serious about lifting, dropped them like a 'hot' rock.
    Intuitively I also objected against using straps, but when switching to a gym with only 'male' barbells (diameter 28mm instead of 25mm) I was told 1001 times to get myself straps.... and the easiest around were some straps that went around the wrist with velcro.
    Second time using those I sprained the wrist when these unrolled (as always used to happen with straps as bb was/is too thick to begin with), which set me back for a full year (being unable to lift at all for almost 6 mo. and rehabbing another 3mo. and then getting back where I was .. yet again another 3 mo.

    NEVER ever will I go use straps again.. makes it all worth to buy a dedicated women's bb or place a request to your gym to have slimmer barbells (mine didn't so I bought my own 2nd hand Eleiko bb)

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    Do you use weightlifting gloves?

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I'm using a "pre-made" bar set (with total weight starting from 40 lb or so) which has smaller size bar. So as I am getting to 70/80 lb, I feel as if the bar is about to slip out of my hands. Good to know that gloves do not protect from calluses anyway - that was another concern.

    The gym does have an olympic set as well; it has a larger grip which would be more comfortable for me, but I did not want to spend the time to get to the smaller weights and set it all up.

    Chalk is a good idea - I will try that. Thanks!

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    Do you use weightlifting gloves?

    Hmm.. I've always worn gloves. But I do like to accessorize...


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