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Thread: Bumping up the metabolic work

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    Bumping up the metabolic work

    In HT2, and started experimenting with bumping up the metabolic work a bit.

    Like this:

    Lifting days, after doing the complexes, five 30 second sets of either burpees or jumping rope, with a 30 second rest.

    Nonlifting days:

    After my walk, I either do:

    10 30 second sets of a mix of burpees, swings, mountain climbers, commando crawling, medicine ball slams, etc. , with 30 seconds rest.

    Or 8 sprints of 10-20 seconds with 1 minute rest.

    As of right now I feel like this little bit of extra metabolic work is making a BIG difference.

    (Distance running is still out of the picture, still doing aikido 3-4 x per week.)

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    Re: Bumping up the metabolic work

    Not at HT yet (still on BT2), but for me, I'm pretty spent after my workout. However, since I tend to workout in the morning, I feel like I could and should do something later in the evening. It may just be that I'm restless and need to go to bed, but the feeling's there.

    Off days are the same. Feel like I should be working out more, even though I know that recovery is really important. Would a bit of metabolic work interfere with the recovery?

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    Re: Bumping up the metabolic work

    I wish I had half the energy you guys have!

    Lagrub, I've always done better with a second exercise bout on my workout days, vs. trying to do some training every day. I'm not even talking about something intentional. I'm talking about a couple hours of yard work in the evening after lifting at lunchtime, or a couple hours of running around with my daughter's soccer team, back when I used to coach.

    Here's my best guess at why it works: Even an hour or two after I lift, I still feel like everything's running faster. And then if I add more physical activity on top of that, I think the metabolic effect of the workout is extended much longer than it otherwise would be.

    Conversely, if I work out every day, it feels like the metabolic effect is muted. The off-day workouts aren't that good, so I'm probably not burning as many calories, and I doubt if I'm creating any sort of EPOC effect.

    Just guesses, of course. I could probably structure a workout program that would test all this, in an n=1 fashion (100% broscience!), but ... nah. Old dog, new tricks, etc.


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