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Thread: Weighty Matters

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    Weighty Matters

    LOVE the last pic!!!

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    Weighty Matters

    It's been a long long day..... basically been in a dead run all day and I didn't get out of work until 6.

    I got home just after 7. I'm not doing anything physical tonight. I'm pooped.

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    Weighty Matters

    Morning my lovelies... one more day til the weekend.

    Last night was a rest night. I was pooped. Although I did use the time to work on my etsy store. At this point, I think I just need to put pictures up

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    Weighty Matters

    Garden Pictures

    I got to collect eggs since Mrs. B was out of town.

    A mess of peas!

    Sunday's Harvest (the carrots rocked!)

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    Weighty Matters


    My poor little bean plants. I ended up replanting about half last Sunday

    The Cold Weather did not help my Roma Tomato Plant


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    Weighty Matters

    I wish these would hurry up and TURN!!!!

    Jalepeno Pepper Baby!

    One teeny head of cauliflower!!!

    poiple cabbage

    Lantana (AKA Butterfly bush)

    Hyperbia (sp??)
    One of Bob's most favorite wildflowers

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    Weighty Matters

    Two firefighters in Houston Died this past weekend while fighting a fire.

    This was the scene this morning outside the church one the way to work

    Ladder Truck Arches

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    Weighty Matters

    Way cool pics!!

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    Weighty Matters

    I'm ready to go play in my garden people. 20 more minutes and I am free.

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    Weighty Matters

    by the way, Pig E is great in that pic.

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    Weighty Matters

    Love the avi!

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    Weighty Matters

    Hey that Hyperbia plant is in my parents backyard and we didn't know what it was. I couldn't find it on google images...I wonder how you really spell it?? It's very pretty and simple.

    That has to be the cutest little cauliflower I've ever seen. spoken like a true preggo!

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    Weighty Matters

    RW: That is Bob's Favorite WildFlower..... He drags me out to see the first one he sees every year . Ahhh tradition. Interesting little fact on this flower... the big "petals" are actually pistils and Stamens. The little teeny things in the flower are actually the petals.

    Aoife: Thanks. I need to go find some more wildflowers for penny and pig to explore.

    WOO HOO three boxes of retro stuff waiting for me at the post office

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    Weighty Matters

    Oh... We've barely started spring here.... those pictures of peas are making me drool LOL! And I think that cauliflower is cute too RW... so it's not just preggo people!
    What are lowquats? Never heard of those!

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    Weighty Matters

    New Avi=Awsym.

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    Weighty Matters


    Penny Pig was out amongst the flowers too

    4 more hours until I can leave.

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    Weighty Matters

    WHOO HOO three boxes for me this afternoon at the post office.

    A box of Lu-ray saucers and a couple of cups. I need to get 3 more green cups.

    I got a couple of azurite charm fireking cups and saucers. I've got a few more coming

    Oh yeah... new make up too.... Two lipsticks and mascara. Although the lipstick will be worn at work. Bob hates it.

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    Weighty Matters

    Not much to report. Yesterday was a total washout because I was hungover in a bad way. Let's just say Long Island Iced Teas are no longer on the Paula Approved List of things to drink. When I was finally able to get up and about, it was raining cats and dogs.

    Last night was pretty laid back. Went and got a USB hub for the computer and looked at possible replacement computers again I think the HP is still the leader, but there was a Viao that looked pretty decent as well.

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    Weighty Matters

    Scheduled workouts for this week. Hoeing, Hoeing and More Hoeing... the rains yesterday turned my gardens to dirt soup..... This is not pretty.

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    Weighty Matters

    I feel for you with your rain troubles - when I read the last entry though it made me remember that in Hawaiian, hoe (ho-ee) means to paddle - gives a different twist on your plans
    <TABLE class=results width=800><TBODY><TR><TD align=right width="100%">[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]</TD></TR><TR><TD>hoe 1. nvt. Paddle, oar; to paddle, row. Fig., to travel, get to work, continue working. Kāna hoe (FS 21), his paddle. Hoe aku i ka wāʻa, paddle ahead the canoe [do your share; continue; keep going]. hoʻo.hoe Caus/sim.; to have a canoe paddled. (PPN fohe)
    2. vi. To draw in the breath and expel it with a whistling sound, as when tired.

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