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Thread: Weighty Matters

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    Weighty Matters

    Quote Originally Posted by "SpacecityPaula":1nojwka3
    Scheduled workouts for this week. Hoeing, Hoeing and More Hoeing... the rains yesterday turned my gardens to dirt soup..... This is not pretty. sounds exhausting....

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    Weighty Matters

    ha ha ha.... You'll love some of the pictures I'm about to post Retro Goodies

    The world's biggest exhaust pipe

    The muddy mess..... this will be my upper body workout for the next several days.

    One of my Jalepenos

    Teeny Green Pepper

    Bean Plants - a variety of stages

    Freebies from


    Cleaning Supplies

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    Weighty Matters

    My Retro Goodies

    Detail on Lu-Ray Platter

    Large and small serving platters

    Lu-ray Cup and Saucer

    T.S.T. Ever Young Boutinneire Pattern

    McCoy Nesting Bowls

    Fire Kint Azurite Cup and Saucer

    Deco-Styled Covered Dish

    White Fire King Cup and Saucer with Boutinneire pattern

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    Weighty Matters

    Deco Styled Dishes

    Kolache.... AHHH Bready Sausage cheesy goodness.

    The inside

    My Buddies the Brown Pelicans

    (Link to larger image of the above picture)

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    Weighty Matters

    How's your mom, doing, Paula? I'm curious to know what her derm said.

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    Weighty Matters

    Wow... nice stuff you've been picking up!

    Good luck with your garden... I'm sure that's quite the upper body workout!

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    Weighty Matters

    Ooooooooooooo pretty Lu Ray platters...and I love the covered dish and that divided one...dayam woman you're making me wanna vintage shop again!!! 8) I know this lady on etsy (know cause I keep going back to her shop and buying stuff) who has now made me two for my spice rack (it's a bitch to clean) and one for my stand mixer...she has all different fabrics, the blue lu ray platters reminded me of her cause she's got this nice blue fabric that she used on another custom order. I'd list her shop but she's closed till summer for now...her etsy name is Saltygal!

    Hope things with your mom are getting sorted out...and she's doing ok...

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    Weighty Matters

    Quote Originally Posted by "tkinsley":dymqwwh5
    How's your mom, doing, Paula? I'm curious to know what her derm said.
    When I talked to her Friday..... she needed to see her GP cuz her Blood Sugar was up. And she hadn't called the Derm yet. I did tell her about the Eucarin. I just sent myself an e-mail to call her in the morning to see how she's doing. Today was dialysis day and she's always a little grumpy on dialysis days (and who could blame her).

    Had to pull one tomato plant tonight and trim a bunch of the others back. They aren't happy with all the water. We'll see how the others do as things dry out and get warmer.

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    Weighty Matters

    Hey Paula, jealous of your garden!!! I planted a bunch of stuff Sunday (cold hearty) ... romaine, bibb lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, sugar snap peas, swiss chard ... MMmmmmm!!!! One more month until I can plant tomatoes!!! I also am planning to plant brussels sprouts and kale but couldn't find any plants yet.

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    Weighty Matters

    WOO HOO Made it through the grocery store without anything not on my list jumping into my cart!

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    Weighty Matters

    I got the 70x7Project blog updated - I'm actually ahead of the game for once

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    Weighty Matters

    Not much going on the last couple of days other than work.

    I came home wednesday night, ate watched a little TV and went to sleep.
    Last night I came home from work, watched TV and cleaned off files from my work computer, ate and did a load of laundry. I read a little and then went to sleep.

    Today I've written a procedure, updated a database, played with a style sheet and updated the header image so it's one of my own (you can see the results at and helped a few customers.

    I've got to get the car inspected either this afternoon or tomorrow and I have packages waiting at the post office!

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    Weighty Matters

    Packages picked up and I got the last of the stuff that I had ordered/won from etsy and e-bay. Friday night was lots of rain again and we had flood 2.0 going on. THere's pictures on the pickle bump site if you want to take a gander.

    Car inspected yesterday and that was a pass. took a nap and slept like a log for about 3 hours yesterday afternoon. Ended up wandering around Barnes and Noble for a while last night. Picked up a few things that look interesting.

    This morning woke up and got my butt out of bed to take pictures, but really didn't see anything interesting. I did see a herd of 7-10 deer over in Seabrook though. Now I'm roasting Chicken bewbs with some fajita seasoning on them for this week. Later this afternoon, I'll go over and mess in the garden for 3 or 4 hours so I ought to be good and tiredd tonight when I come home.

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    Weighty Matters

    Two hours of breaking up clay yesterday afternoon a combination of hacking, pushing and pulling.

    My garden went from looking like this:

    To looking like this:

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    Weighty Matters

    The first Cherry tomato and Jalepeno from the garden!!!!

    Purple Cabbage

    On the Cutting Board

    in the bowl

    A hill of potatoes from Mrs. B

    And the volunteer broccoli!

    The goodness to come!
    Jalepeno Peppers (there's like 20 on this plant! with more blooms coming!)

    Cherry Tomatos

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    Weighty Matters

    Lots of green and yellow peppers!

    Grape Tomatoes (had to tie these up this weekend, they were getting all gangly!)

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    Weighty Matters

    My Gawd the veges look marvelouws!!! I cannot wait for my garden to mature.

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    Weighty Matters

    Mom is out of the hospital but the reality is she can't remain where she is at. We started making plans tonight so that we can work on getting her stuff sorted and ready for moving to an assisted living facility.

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    Weighty Matters

    Sorry Paula, that's difficult... hope you find a good facility for her...

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    Weighty Matters

    Hope things work out for the best with your mom...

    The garden looks delightful as usual!

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