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    I went to the my doctor yesterday and he diagnosed me with a ingroinal hernia. I am going for a consultation with a surgeon next thursday to have it removed. What is everyones opinion on lifting weights prior to surgery? And any other comments from people who have had the same experience. My doctor said like I could wait a whole to have the surgery because there is much of a chance for complications (strangulation). And I lifted weights today Pullups and Pushpress. Also Ive had it since early June and has not gotten worst. I was just too stupid to go to the dr earlier.

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    Do you mean "inguinal" hernia?

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    I personally wouldn't be lifting before the surgery just because I wouldn't want the possibility of making it any worse. Straining with heavy loads can even cause hernias. I'm sure it doesn't do well for ones that are already present.

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    Don't lift, you're only going to make it worse. There are times when your body sends you signals that it's time to take a break, and this is a big, bright red and yellow, caution, stop sign. Take it easy man. I've had the same problem, and the more damage you do, the more it freakin hurts.

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    Yea take it easy. I think that's what i had 2 years ago. all i know is they cut me open and pulled something out of my abdomen area. the surgery is nothing-a couple of hours and your outta there the same day. i stayed home from school for a week but could walk fine and everything the next day. don't push it though-a workout or 2 missed pre-surgery is a lot less than you'll miss if you screw it up even more and have complications.

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    I had hernia surgery a few years ago. I was eating Greek Spaghetti for dinner after I got out of recovery...which lasted about an hour. They don't "remove" anything, on me they didn't anyway. They stuff it back in and put in a mesh plug in the hole in your muscle then put a mesh patch on top of that. The repaired side becomes stronger than the other side. I couldn't run for about two weeks, and was out of the gym for about three weeks.

    Your surgeon, after the operation, will be able to tell you whether you were born with the hernia (as I was) or whether it was caused by something else. Ask.

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    Mine hernia surgery was different because i was still growing. they couldn't put in a mesh plug or patch because i was only 13 and was still growing. surgeon said nothing for me for 6 weeks but i got over it and was able to play in the playoffs and help win the championship

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    I am hoping also get the mesh patch. But I am pretty sure I was born with mine because both my Dads parents had them. How about a doctors opinion can I make it worst if born with it? Cause even with it I've been getting PR in a lotta of excersises.


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