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    Lou or anybody else I need some help with db squats

    Subject: Need some help with db squats

    I am using 80lb db's for my phase 7 squats but my knees start buckling inwards on my 3rd rep. I think this means I have a strength imbalance between my outer glutes and inner glutes from an article I read in MH written by Lou. I think it was the June issue. Does anybody know how to correct this by any chance? It really didn't say how to correct it in the article but just that it was a strength imbalance.Any responses are appreciated!!

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    Lou or anybody else I need some help with db squats

    Hi tossed,

    I always make a conscious effort to spread the floor with my feet on the concentric move. It sometimes feels that I'm pushing out as much as up, but it did take care of any knee-buckling I experienced.

    Hope that helps.


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    Lou or anybody else I need some help with db squats

    Thanks David I will try a wider that normal stance and see if that helps. Does a wider stance target anymore of the quads than a normal stance? I think my form is pretty good. I watch my reflection while performing squats. Here is what the article said. It was from 11/2003. Watch yourself in the mirror while squatting if your knees buckle in when you use heaver weights then your inner thighs are stronger if the drift outward then your outer thigh dominate. It has a static hold with a basketball between your legs but I think this is for knee pain which I don't have I need something to correct the muscle imbalance. Can anyone help me out??


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